What the governor’s budget means for schools

November 30, 2012: Today the governor released his proposed budget for the coming biennium. His budget creates a base upon which future education budgets can build, providing greater adequacy, stability and sustainability over time, and supporting our statewide commitment to systemic reform.

The budget includes a proposed State School Fund of $6.4 billion that assumes savings from proposed reforms to public employee pensions. We anticipate that even at this amount, many school districts will continue to see cuts to programs, including Portland.

Our budget office is preparing a budget forecast for the 2013-14 school year, which will be presented to the school board Dec. 17.

We will continue to work with the governor and the legislature as the process for developing the state budget continues. I know school funding will be an important topic for the legislature as they begin their work in January and I encourage you to stay informed and participate in the conversation.

The full budget proposal can be found on the governor’s website at Governor.oregon.gov.