Rating our schools, focusing on success

The state released school report cards October 11, based on a new way of rating school performance that Oregon has put in place for this year as the state develops new report cards for the 2013-14 school year.
I am encouraged to see that Oregon rated 83 percent of PPS schools as “satisfactory” or better, including 38 schools that received the highest ‘Outstanding’ rating.
Six schools moved from “satisfactory” in 2011 to “outstanding” in 2012: Cleveland, Robert Gray, Sabin, Sellwood and Opal Charter. King PK-8 school produced dramatic student growth – last year, 80 percent of King third grade students read at or above grade level. That is up from 48 percent just two years before.
No matter the rating, every school is working hard to produce better outcomes for students. We will keep working to make sure that every school and every student succeeds.
The new report cards are just one part of Oregon’s important effort to align our educational system – from early childhood education to college – and improve outcomes for students.  
State education leaders are also seeking input on education funding. They want to hear your expectations and priorities at an upcoming forum on Thursday October 18th, from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M, at Marshall High School.
I hope all parents will stay informed and get involved as schools in Portland and across Oregon aim higher to ensure that every student has an opportunity to succeed.
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  • What do you think are the best ways to measure a school’s performance?
  • What are your expectations and priorities for education funding?

Carole Smith