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Portland, Oregon

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A comprehensive public high school
with a proud tradition of excellence.

1151 SW Vermont | Portland, OR 97219
Phone: (503) 916-5280 | Fax: (503) 916-2705
Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:00pm
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Name Position Email
Chatard, Brian  Principal bchatard@pps.net
Easton, Mike  Athletic Director measton@pps.net
Freeman, Ayesha Vice Principal afreeman@pps.net
Lamont, Maude Vice Principal mlamont@pps.net
Meyers, Erica Business Manager emeyers@pps.net
Jeremy Shetler Dean jshetler@pps.net


 A-C   D-F G-L   M-O   P-R   S-Z



Name Position Email
Beattie, Tina Clerk cbeattie@pps.net
Birmingham, Kileen Psychologist kbirmingham@pps.net
Blakely, Tom Speech Pathologist tblakely@pps.net
Brown, Megan Speech Pathologist mlooney@pps.net
Bryant, Chelsea Paraprofessional cbryant@pps.net
Dailey, Sharon Counseling Secretary sdailey@pps.net
Dodson, Judy Virtual Scholars Classroom jdodson@pps.net
Early, Keith Speech Pathologist kearly@pps.net
Goddard, Kathy Cafeteria kgoddard@pps.net
Guadalupe, Kim Nurse kguadalup@mesd.k12.or.us
Hernandez, Francisco Study Hall Monitor
Hildreth, Gray Campus Monitor ghildreth@pps.net
Ivans, Francine Paraprofessional fivans@pps.net
Kersey, Kathy Principal's Secretary kkersey@pps.net
Koide-Gasser, Naomi Mental Health Specialist naomik@westernpsychservices.com
Kreipe, Kathy Library Assistant/Book Clerk kkreipe@pps.net
Layton, Kristen Paraprofessional klayton@pps.net
Linne, Brian     Paraprofessional blinne@pps.net
Mattheisen, Sara Attendance Secretary/Data Clerk smatthei@pps.net
McClain, Roshawn Stephens Creek Crossing Youth Outreach Specialist rmcclain@nhweb.org
Meaney, Dolores Paraprofessional dmeaney@pps.net
Medina, Juan Campus Monitor jmedina@pps.net
Meisner, Megan Bookkeeper mmeisner@pps.net
Menashe, Abby Vice-Principal's Secretary amenashe@pps.net
Merideth, Chris Learning Center cmeridet@pps.net
Monroe, Melissa Mental Health Specialist mmonroe@pps.net
Morgan, Kate Career Coordinator kmorgan@pps.net
Moyer, Megan Psychologist mmoyer@pps.net
Napier, Adam Head Custodian anapier@pps.net
Nava, Thomas Paraprofessional tnava@pps.net
Ouderkirk, Susan Paraprofessional souderki@pps.net
Parrish, Jackie Paraprofessional jparrish@pps.net
Reagan, Kylen Paraprofessional kreagan@pps.net
Rhodes, Candace Vice-Principal's Secretary crhodes@pps.net
Rose, David Site Technology Coordinator drose1@pps.net
Shreve, Richard Paraprofessional rshreve@pps.net
Spring, Thomas Paraprofessional tspring1@pps.net
Stahl, Sue College Coordinator sstahl@pps.net
Stayton, Thea Paraprofessional tstayton@pps.net

Teachers A-C

Teachers D-F

Name Position Email
Dahlquist, Carl Math cdahlquist@pps.net
Dakin, Janet Language Arts jdakin@pps.net
Danielson, Andre Learning Center adaniels@pps.net
Diamond, Kathy Language Arts kbdiamond@pps.net
Dolberg, Heather World Language/Spanish hdolberg@pps.net
Dorsey, Kent Advanced Math kdorsey@pps.net
Douglass, Martin Digital Media
Duchow-Pressley, Mike Chemistry/Physics mduchow@pps.net
Durham, Amy World Language/Spanish adurham@pps.net
Esbensen, Thor Advanced Math tesbense@pps.net
Feller, Amy Physics/Earth Space Science

Teachers G-L

Name Position Email
Groom, Tracy Language Arts tgroom@pps.net
Guthrie, Scott Earth/Spc/Forensics sguthrie@pps.net
Higbee, Keith Language Arts khigbee@pps.net
Hockett, Jacob Health/Physical Education
Johnston, Melinda Language Arts/Social Studies melindaj@pps.net
Kolesar, Jackie Physical Education
Krishnan, Ranjani Advanced Math rkrishnan@pps.net
LeFave, Dominic Life Skills dlefave@pps.net
Leitch, Sarabeth Language Arts sleitch@pps.net
LeMier, Sarah Business/Marketing slemier@pps.net
Liscia, Danielle World Language/French dliscia@pps.net
Loveless, Tim Social Studies tloveles@pps.net
Luther, Erika World Language/American Sign Language

Teachers P-R

Name Position Email
Panagopoulos, Ray Life Skills rpanagop@pps.net
Pearson, Marie Visual Art mpearso1@pps.net
Penk, George Chemistry gpenk@pps.net
Pier, Nathan Social Studies npier@pps.net
Potestio, Michele Social Studies mpotest2@pps.net
Price, Evan Learning Center eprice@pps.net
Pringle, Stephanie Biology springle@pps.net
Quigley, Julianne     Foundations of Physics and Chemistry/Biology jquigley@pps.net
Rabchuk, Alex Advanced Math arabchuk@pps.net
Rader, Jessica Learning Center jrader@pps.net
Reinbold, Michael World Language/Latin mreinbold@pps.net
Relampagos, Izzy Biology irelampa@pps.net
Rizzo, Paul Visual Arts prizzo@pps.net
Root, David Learning Center daroot@pps.net

Teachers S-Z

Name Position Email
Sahler, Brian Advanced Math bsahler@pps.net
Schmidt, Jayson PE jschmid1@pps.net
Shetler, Jeremy Advanced Math/Dean jshetler@pps.net
Silverstein, Judy World Language/Spanish jsilverstein@pps.net
Suehiro, Jamie Language Arts jsuehiro@pps.net
Uppendahl, Jennifer Advanced Math juppenda@pps.net
Walker, Lisa French/Social Studies lwalker@pps.net
Walmer, Steve Architectural Drawing/Woods/Metals swalmer@pps.net
Whatmore, Ellen Language Arts/ESL ewhatmor@pps.net
Winicki, Josh Advanced Math jwinicki@pps.net