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From the Principal’s Desk                                                                     

Dear Stephenson Families,

Staff Appreciation Week is May 4 -8

This is a special opportunity to recognize and appreciate our terrific Stephenson Staff for all that they do for our children and community.  The PTA is sponsoring root beer floats on Monday, lunch on Tuesday, coffee on Thursday, and a Special Retirement Celebration for Ms. McGrady on Friday.  Students may write an Appreciation Bloom (forms available in the office), pick a flower from home, write a poem, etc. to show their appreciation.

Special Retirement Celebration for Ms. McGrady on Friday, May 8 from 4:00-5:30PM in the Library

Come celebrate Ms. McGrady's 30 years of service to students and families! 

Student Class Placement for 2015-16

Classroom assignments are made very carefully by the current grade level team, counselor, specialists, and principal based on information from the current year’s academic and social needs. I will be weighing in on every placement in the school.

Classrooms are created with the goal of having a balance in achievement levels, leadership abilities, special needs, gender, and parent volunteerism. We also attempt to separate students who we believe would work better in separate classes and group students who would support each other.  We pride ourselves in knowing each and every student personally—their learning needs, their behavior needs, and their social needs—in order to make the best placement.

However, if you have an interest in requesting a certain type of learning environment for your child, separation from specific students, or share info that is pertinent that we may not know about, please email or drop me a note in the office by Monday, May 4.  I request that you do not name a specific teacher.  I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your thoughts but will still require a written request since they will be used when we form classes.  Once classes are balanced, it may not be possible to change your child’s classroom placement.

Your note should address these questions:

1) Does your child work better in a more structured or less structured learning environment? Please explain.

2) Does your child have special learning needs, style, interests, or talents? Please explain.

3) What additional comments do you have regarding social, behavioral, or other development that will help assist us in the placement of your child?

Stephenson Family Night at OMSI Monday, May 4 from 6:00-8:00PM at OMSI.  

This is the third year I have reserved an evening at OMSI just for Stephenson families.  There is no fee.  Bring the entire family to explore the exhibits at OMSI and see and hear about our fifth graders’ Science Projects!  They will be set up in the OMSI foyer and presenting from 6:00-6:30PM.

TAG OMSI Planetarium Rescheduled for Wednesday, May 6 AM

Spring 2015 Construction-Stephenson Bio Swales

The City of Portland is putting in roadside swales along Stephenson Street to improve local water quality and pedestrian safety.  You may have seen them place the orange flags along the road this past week.  They will try to work around school drop-off time, but this will affect traffic and parking even though all of our driveways will still be open.  Please plan ahead and arrive earlier.

Summer 2015 Construction

As you know, we are the lucky recipient of some of the Construction Bond money for Capital Improvement and will be receiving a new roof and seismic upgrades worth 1.3 million dollars!  This means that the school will be closed and fenced off with no access, not even for me, from June 17-August 23.  SCCA will be moving to Jackson Middle School for the summer and the Early Childhood Program (Pre-K) will be moving to Rieke for the summer.  Please contact the specific programs for more information.

Wishing you all the best,

Principal Truong


PTA Meeting Tuesday, April 14 at 8AM.  We hope to see you all there!


Find out all about Stephenson PTA on our dedicated PTA page. (You can download hard copies of membership and volunteer forms there if you prefer not to complete them online.
Join us!!  Click here for our online membership form and easy payment via PayPal:  join the PTA.

We NEED YOU!  Click here to register your volunteer interests.  Check out the Volunteer Corner for current needs, upcoming events, and information.

Thank you so much in advance for being such an involved and contributing community!

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