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Cheri Borst's Bio

Where are you from?
Southern California‬

For how long have you been an educator?
26 years‬

For how long have you worked at Sitton?
15 years‬

Why did you choose to become a educator?
Many of my immediate family and extended family are teachers. There wasn't an expectation from those closest to me, I just knew at a very young age that I would teach. I loved volunteering in the nearby elementary school when I was in high school, while in college I taught Sunday school and worked in a residential center for children with disabilities. I decided to earn a duel certification so I could teach special education and general education.‬

What is your favorite part of your job?
Catching that moment when students suddenly discover that they know or can do something is my favorite part of my job. There is a certain sparkle in their eye that appears at that moment. I love having the privilege of being part of that. Also, I love greeting students as they come off the bus or into the classroom each morning.

What do you like to do when you're not teaching?
When I’m not teaching, typically I’m with my family. We have 3 girls! Also I LOVE to read for fun! It’s a treat that I give to myself (especially during the summer)! Another passion is enjoying cooking and baking!‬