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Christine Campanella - 5th Grade Teacher


I was born in Portland, OR, but I have also lived in Washington, Texas, and Michigan. The majority of my family lives in the Portland area, so after a great many years away, my husband Chris and I returned to the West Coast in 1998 to give our children the opportunity to grow up alongside their many cousins. As one of 6 children, I am part of a very large, beautiful and diverse family. At last count, I have 18 nieces and nephews. plus one more arriving soon!

We have two children: Amanda (21) and Dominic (17), two dogs: Lexie and Mozzy, Bun-Bun the rabbit, three goldfish, and often some kind of assortment of interesting insects. (Currently 6 Dubia cockroaches are under observation by our fabulous 5th grade scientists.)

I believe that through education we can effect change in our world by empowering our youth to become the great thinkers and leaders of tomorrow. Prior to becoming a teacher, I worked as a Camp Fire leader, volunteer, and math tutor, working with many children (including my own) and adults for whom education had not been empowering. It had instead caused great pain and humiliation. I wanted to change that.

Our children have amazing potential, but they first must learn to believe in themselves: to believe in the power of their own voice, to believe in their ability to learn, to believe in their importance in our world. I chose to become a teacher to help our children realize their amazing potential.

I completed my Masters in Education at PSU in 2010 and was hired that fall at Sitton. I was the Math Specialist for 2 years, prior to becoming a 5th grade teacher. From my very first day, I knew this was where I belonged. We have an incredible community of loving, caring, and passionate staff, parents, and students. Sitton is my home away from home, making my long commute every day totally and completely worth it!

The best part of my job is when a student who believes they cannot do something discovers that they can, not to mention all the smiles, laughter, and hugs that are an everyday part of my job.

When I am not teaching I love spending time with my family, visiting with friends, reading, writing poetry, long walks, and digging in the dirt (also known as my attempts at gardening).

New in 2014: Ms. Weigandt (4th grade teacher) and I began training in September to run a 5K race next spring!