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Anna Jo Gender's Bio

Welcome to my web page. My name is Anna Jo Gender, and I have been teaching 1st Grade for the last 10 years. I have been at Sitton for 6 years, and before that I enjoyed the 4 years I spent at Martin Luther King.

Before becoming a teacher, I spent 25 years in the professional theater. I received my teaching degree from in 2001 and have never looked back. I try to bring all of my life experience into the classroom while I work with your children.

Computers are a tool for me, not a passion. So, the best way to contact me is to call the Sitton main line at 503-916-6277. I am usually there before school starts in the morning, but occasionally meetings or prior appointments take me out of the classroom at that time, so if you would like to meet it is easiest to call me and make an appointment.

First grade is such an important time in a child’s learning development. There is more work time, and less play time than in Kindergarten. I start my classes with a stretching and relaxation time, and then we get to work. See our 1st grade curriculum on the next tab.

Each year I am the Stage Manager for the school-wide Winter Celebration. In the last few years we have put on short skits and musicals, but this year we are taking on the challenge of our own version of the Nutcracker. The Sun School and the PTA are co-sponsors of the Winter Celebration. I’m excited to work with so many of the children I have taught through the years as we make this a night to remember. I am especially thankful for the 5th grade students which I have followed since they were in Kindergarten.