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Classroom Policies

Mr. Brown’s Classroom Policies

All papers sent home from the school will go into your child’s daily folder. Please check the folder everyday, remove all of the papers, and send the folders back.

Every month I will be sending out a classroom newsletter. Please take the time to read it. The newsletter will be posted online too.

Please visit our class website periodically. I update it on a regular basis.


If you wish to contact me, you can email me at gbrown2@pps.net or call me after school.

Homework Policy:
Homework is given four nights a week. On Mondays, the students will receive a sheet stating what the assignments are for the week. The sheet will be in their homework folder. A week’s homework will usually consist of some math pages, some writing assignments, and a reading log that you must sign daily. All homework should be turned in on Friday.

The majority of the kids will have 20 spelling words every week (the kids who are reading below grade level will have a different spelling routine). There will not be weekly spelling tests however. Every literacy unit is 5 weeks long. Spelling test will be administered at the end of every 5-week period. I will randomly select 25 words from that unit to test the students on.

On occasion a student will be given a problem-solving sheet if there was a behavior issue at school. If your child takes one home, please discuss the incident with him/her and sign the form.

If the problem persists, your child might get a Stage 1 Referall. These are on a half-sheet of paper. These also need to be signed. These papers are destroyed at the end of the year.

A child will get a Stage 2 Referral for a major offence (aggression, major theft, destruction of property, etc ) or after receiving many Stage 1 Referrals. Stage 2 Referrals stay in a student’s file permanently.

A volunteer sign-up sheet is located on my website. If you don’t have Internet access, there is a sign-up list outside of my classroom.

Classroom Observations:
You are welcome to observe the class at almost anytime. I ask that you give me at least one-day notice.

If you ever bring in food for a birthday or another classroom celebration, I would appreciate it if you bring healthy snacks like fruit, popcorn, chips & salsa, cheese & crackers, etc. I prefer not to serve sugary foods or drinks in the class. According to district policy, juice served in the classroom must be 100% real fruit juice.

Health and wellness are an integral part of the curriculum, and it is important that we not only learn about and healthy eating, but that we also practice healthy eating.

Also, if you want to have a birthday party please give me at least 2 days notice. Our schedule is very tight, so fitting in birthday parties with little or no notice is usually impossible.

School starts at 8:00 everyday. Breakfast starts at 7:50. This year, the children will be starting math at 8:05. Students will be going to different classrooms for math. Coming to school on time is vital to making this transition work. Tardiness doesn’t just affect your own child, but it disrupts everyone’s learning. It also places an extra burden on the school secretaries, the administration, food service staff, and teachers.

If your child comes to school after 8:10, they must check-in at the office first.

I understand that illnesses and emergencies occur, and that that will prevent your child from attending school on occasion. If your child can’t attend school, please call the office in the morning.

Chronic unexcused absences however will not be tolerated. When your child misses school on a regular basis it drastically affects their education. Also, when I have to spend extra time catching up kids who are chronically absent, the rest of the class suffers.

Under Oregon law, four unexcused absences in any four-week period during the school year constitutes truancy.

If you are having difficulties getting your kid to school for whatever reason (transportation, unwillingness to attend, homelessness, etc…), please contact me. I’ll do anything I can to help you out.

School Supplies
This year all of the teachers at Sitton are requesting that parents give us $10 instead of buying school supplies. We can buy supplies at a discounted rate. This will save you time and money.

Pick Up
I will bring the students outside at 2:15. Please don’t come into the class before then to pick up your child. If you do need to pick up your child early, have the office call me, and I’ll send your child to you. I would appreciate it if you didn’t do this on a regular basis. The end of the day is usually a little hectic, and it’s difficult to take phone calls. If you pick up your child outside, please wave to me or talk to me before pick-up. For your child’s safety, it’s vital that I know whom he/she went home with.