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Jim Emig

Mr. Emig
Mr. Emig taking a short break.

Mr. Emig has taught computers and science for Portland Public Schools since 1983, the last 14 years here in the Roseway Heights building. This year he is teaching computers in the morning and science. He said, “I have the best job in the school and get to see all the students from kindergarten to 8th grade for lunch duty.”


He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Oregon State University. After returning to Portland, he earned a Master of Science degree in Science Education from Portland State University. Lewis and Clark College was next for his Administrative certification and the start of his Superintendent program. Mr. Emig has been a Summer School Principal, Student Management Specialist, mentor teacher, and continues to be on numerous committees in education, science and technology. His experience teaching has lead him to travel the United States instructing many educators.


In the classroom, students are always challenged to expand their knowledge, while having fun at the same time. With all the new technology and science program, my students are expected to be creative thinkers and problem solvers. When not teaching, planning lessons or helping staff members,  Mr. Emig loves using his brain with the help of his hands to fix or repair almost anything at home or school. He enjoys going to local events, live music, movies, reading, travel, and of course working on someone’s computer.