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OMSI Partnership

OMSI partnership sustains our science passion

Science education is getting a boost at Rosa Parks — in and out of classrooms, and including events for families — thanks to a $56,000 grant from the American Honda Foundation. During the 2012-13 school year, every Rosa Parks student will visit OMSI, and our families will be invited to two family science nights. Our families will receive resources for science activities at home. In addition, students will take part in an eight-week engineering curriculum, and OMSI will provide teachers with 30 hours of mentoring.

Watch this short PPS Video to see how Rosa Parks students, staff and families are getting excited about science with hands-on projects at school.

Here are some examples of our wonderful partnership with OMSI:

Pre-K & Kindergarten: OMSI Explorers

The Pre-K and Kindergarten classes explored OMSI in November. Some classes participated in labs that tested how pulleys, levels and gears worked, as well as played a unique game of Angry Birds. Another class dissected owl pellets to discover what the owl had ingested; finding things from whole bones to skulls the bird had eaten. With more than 100 students there, Rosa Parks made their presence known as they explored through Trillium Hall, Grossology and other science exhibits. They look forward to their in-class OMSI experience coming soon.


Third Grade: City of Bridges

Our third grade students were excited as we waited for the busses to arrive on a sunny Thursday morning, October 24th. We enjoyed identifying the bridges we saw out the window as we drove south along the Willamette River to OMSI. Thanks to our many parent chaperones, small student groups explored the hundreds of interactive science exhibits about the human body, insects and animals, and earth science. Turbine Hall was a big hit, as students constructed and tested sailboats and paddleboats, and could also build archways or land a model space shuttle. Finally, each class was able to attend a Bridges Lab where we learned about famous bridges around the world, and then build our own and test it. We are very grateful to OMSI for giving us such a wonderful afternoon of science.


First Grade: OMSI in the Classroom

Ms. Patrice’s 1st grade class was able to experience an OMSI Science class here at Rosa Parks. Together, they learned how to build ramps and roller coasters and study the cause and effect of certain designs compared to others.