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Rieke Green Team

To find out more about our goals and commitments for this year or if you would like to volunteer with the EcoThink Club, please contact jamie.repasky@gmail.com

Rieke/Wilson Arboretum

Rieke Arboretum
Thanks to the Portland Parks and Recreation, we will be receiving 14 different trees to be planted by Wilson and Rieke students along the west side of the parking lot.  The Wilson students will be teaching each Rieke class about the species of tree that they will be 'adopting' and then lead the classes out to plant and mulch the young tree.  These trees will be both an educational and aesthetic benefit to our school grounds!

Current Goals

Green School Committee

Holds monthly meetings with parents and teachers to discuss and plan eco-friendly activities for Rieke as well as ways to improve our current processes

Waste and Energy Audits

Conduct waste audits yearly both in the classroom and lunch room.  Monitor the school's energy use by surveying power use at different times of the day.

Recycling Projects

Coordinate yearly community stryofoam, shoes, Elmer glue sticks, and non-curbside plastic drives. We are currently on the waiting list to recycle energy bar wrappers chip bags, and writing instruments through Terracycle

Student EcoThink Club

Rieke EcoThink Club was started in Spring 2011 as a monthly club for K-5 students interested in environmental issues.  Eco field trips were offered on late-start mornings to Tyron Creek State Park, Recology, etc.  The students conducted two lunch waste audits to see what could be changed by switching to ‘waste-free lunches’.  In Fall 2011, EcoThink was taught as an after-school science enrichment for six weeks exploring the theme ‘Green and Growing in Oregon’.  The format will switch back to a club for the Spring 2012 term.

    Past Accomplishments

    Rieke Tree

    • Participated in the district’s Electricity Conservation Incentive Program and earned the maximum amount of incentive money ($2,000) by reducing energy use by 6.7% over one year
    • Posted visual notices encouraging conservation of paper towels, electricity, water, and reminders of our no idle zone
    • Rieke Rapper has gone completely paperless via email, all flyers are sent as attachments to the newsletter
    • Waste Free Lunch Days held periodically as a challenge to kids and to encourage waste free lunches from home
    • Styrofoam recycling drive with Bridlemile and Hayhurst collected 60 cubic yards that was recycled by Recology
    • Plastics recycling drive with Tryon Creek State Park collected non-curbside products that were recycled at Farwest Fibers
    • Annual Earth Day activities - students made Earth Day pledges and attended assemblies by Freshwater Trust and Metro
    • Discarded copy paper was sent to the district Print Shop to be made into notepads for students and teachers to use
    • Created classroom ‘Party Kits’ containing reusable plate and cups