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Digital Tools

GAFE - Google Apps for Education -
Activate your student account

Y Drive - When students log in with their personal PPS network account, they have access to a personal, digital "storage locker" on the District's digital brain, or "Y Drive."

Password Manager
- Students can register their PPS network account in order to manage their own password.
*PPS follows
strong password protocols:

Tech Basics from "Grow Course" (K-5)

Computer Basics from GCF Learn Free

Digital Literacy

SketchUp (3D design software, free basic download)

Scratch (Introduction to basic computer programming from MIT)

GIMP (Graphic Image Manipulation Software)

Available on iPads: GarageBand, iMovie, and several Digital Art apps.


University of Florida's Digital Booktalks

90 second Newbery


Dewey Rap  (YouTube)

Digital Dossier  (YouTube)

Shift Happens (YouTube)

Netiquette (from BrainPop)

Lessons in Technology


Type To Learn 4
Peninsula has  a subscription to a keyboarding program!

From the link above choose the “web-enabled school-home link” for Mac or Windows.
1. user: (check with Ms. Gapp or ask your student, they may have it memorized!)
2. password:
3. *access code: (check with Ms. Gapp or ask your student, they may have it memorized!)
*you only need to enter this code the first time you log in.

Other keyboarding opportunities:

(repetition lesson: remember: posture and home row!)

(pre/post test for wpm = words per minute)

Dance Mat (how many levels can you beat?)

Nimble Fingers (typing lessons)

TuxType2 (download on computer lab desktops)


1. Acceptable Use Policy and Quiz
It is a privilege, not a right, to use tech devices in school. Are you using tech for learning?
Did you know IT (and law enforcement) can track what websites are being used by specific users?
Your parents receive notice about the AUP in your registration packet at the beginning of the year, this is a web version. 

2. Google Images Search Worksheet
Instructions: Open document. Complete work electronically. Print. Be sure your name is on it. Turn it in!

3. Working With Images Worksheet
Instructions: Open document. Complete work electronically. Print. Be sure your name is on it. Turn it in!


5. Biography PPT
    5th grade.

6. Biography Practice
    5th grade.

7. 6  Word Media Story

8. Create Google Search Story

9. Google Doc with Google Search Story addresses

10. Critical Evaluation of a Website (goes with Operation Octopus)
This handout may be and should also be used with any research project
involving research on the web.

11. Is This A Hoax? (use with suspicious sites discussed in class)

Website Evaluation:
Operation Octopus

Group 1: Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

Group 2: Giant  Pacific Octopus

12. Narrative Story Prompts for 55 Word Story aka "Flash Fiction"

13. Compare & Contrast Websites
site a) Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
site b) Smithsonian Folkways

14. Sketch Up: 3D modeling software
Massive Black
Intro Tutorial
Download this software (free) for your computer at home!

15. Bibliography = a list of materials (book, website, database, etc.) used to create a new work (essay, report, research study, etc.)
Basic MLA Bibliography Worksheet
Parenthetical Citation Worksheet
In Your Own Words Worksheet

16. Tech Jeopardy 
Challenge your friends and family!