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District-wide two hour late opening, Wednesday, Sept. 17

Wednesday, Sept. 17 is a district-wide two-hour late opening for Portland Public Schools, including high schools, as well as Focus and Priority schools that previously observed a no-school day. Classes begin two hours later than normal. Exceptions are: Jefferson HS; Metropolitan Learning Center and Beverly Clearly K-8, which are observing different teacher training schedules.

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Apply NOW for free or reduced-price school meals!
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Mt Tabor News and Information

 Mt. Tabor Middle School Newsletter  

September 12, 2014

*Attendance Email Correction*

The correct email for attendance reporting is mtmsattendance@pps.net.

News from the Principal

Dear Mt. Tabor Families and Friends,
    Thank you so much for donating supplies to our school.  The paper, tissue, batteries and band aids you donated free me up to use my modest budget of $60,000 to support teachers and classrooms.  Some examples are 30 graphing calculators ($3,500), subscription to a current events magazine for 6th grade language arts ($280), printer cartridges ($150/each) and projector bulbs ($200/ each).  I also support fieldtrip costs and buy teacher supplies for their day-to-day work and for special projects.  Thank you again.
    Parents, please be sure to discuss your expectations about walking to QFC and 7-Eleven with your student.  Some students are dropped off in the morning and then walk to the store – usually to buy junk food, copious amounts of junk food.  We cannot monitor that and it is up to each family to set expectations.
    AM supervision begins Tuesday.  We were able to accept all students who need a supervised place to be, but we were not able to give everyone who wanted the library.  It’s too small of a space to accommodate everyone.  On the first day, sign in takes a little while but after a few days it goes very smoothly.  You will receive a letter in the mail prior to Tuesday letting you know to which space, Library or Gym, your student was assigned.  Thank you to the Mt. Tabor School Foundation for raising the funds necessary to pay for the morning supervision program.
    Thank you again for all of your help, support and patience.

News from the PTA

September 16:  PTA General Meeting (details below)

September 15 – 19:  Accanto Restaurant Fundraiser (details below)

October 14:  Pizzicato Restaurant Fundraiser (details below)

October 21:  Fall Fiesta / School Success Night (details below)

PLEASE NOTE: These dates are subject to change. We'll do our best to keep you informed of any changes in future newsletters. You can also check the PTA webpage for current information on PTA-sponsored events: pps.k12.or.us/schools/mttabor/635.htm.

PTA News

MTMS PTA General Meeting, September 16:  Our first meeting for the 2014-15 school year will be held on Tuesday, September 16, from 6:30-7:45 pm in the MTMS Library/Media Center. Come hear what the PTA has planned for the year and how you can get involved. No time to volunteer? No problem. Just come to stay informed about what is happening around the school this year. You will also have a chance to hear from principal Robi Osborn and meet the new assistant principal, Anh Nguyen-Johnson!

Accanto Bar + Cucina Restaurant Fundraiser:  Stop by Accanto for lunch during the week of September 15th-19th and raise money for our school! Lunch includes salads, pastas and small plates, and is served from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm. Make sure to mention you are dining for Mt. Tabor Middle School and 10 percent of the proceeds will go directly to our school! 2838 SE Belmont. (Note that their website reflects their old lunch hours. The above hours/days are accurate.)

Pizzicato Restaurant Fundraiser:  Stop by the Mt. Tabor Pizzicato on Tuesday, October 14th, to help raise money for our school. This is an ALL DAY fundraiser and includes the purchase of lunch, dinner or Pizzicato gift cards. SE 60th & Division.

PTA Fall Fiesta / School Success Night, October 21st: Mark your calendars for this fun evening of mingling with other parents and learning more about how you can help your child succeed in middle school. 6:30 – 8:30pm in the school cafeteria and break-out rooms. More details to come.

Attention Shoppers – Earn Money for Mt. Tabor PTA While You Shop! Did you know that you can earn money for Mt. Tabor just by doing your usual shopping? Fred Meyer, Amazon, Safeway and other businesses offer or participate in generous programs to partner with shoppers to support their schools.

  • Just link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to us at www.fredmeyer.com/communityrewards (search by name: Mt. Tabor Middle School PTA; or number: 87335). That’s it! A one-time effort on your part will help our school immensely. You’ll still earn the same Rewards Points, Fuel Points and Rebates for yourself, too! Don’t have a Rewards Card? Get one at the Customer Service desk next time you’re in Fred Meyer’s. (The savings on groceries and fuel really are worth it!)
  • Don’t forget to use the Amazon.com link on our website (www.pps.k12.or.us/schools/mttabor/635.htm) to enter Amazon.com before you shop. Amazon will donate to the Mt. Tabor PTA a percentage of every purchase you make at no additional cost to you. Tell your friends and family, too!
  • Register your Safeway Club Card and/or your debit and credit cards in the eScrip Rewards Program, and Safeway and select area restaurants will automatically donate a percentage of your purchases to the MTMS PTA. There are more than 60 restaurants within five miles of MTMS that participate in the dining program. Register at escrip.com; use the organization name “Mount Tabor Middle School”.) Check escrip.rewardsnetwork.com for a complete list of participating businesses.
  • And don’t forget to buy QFC/Fred Meyer Scrip cards at the PTA General Meetings throughout the year - bring your checkbook! You pay face value for the cards to use for your grocery shopping, and the school receives a profit from the sale.
PTA Volunteer Notices: If you are interested in helping out at PTA-sponsored activities and events this year, remember to fill out the Volunteer Interest Finder that was included in your first day packets. Return completed forms to the office. Remember there is no up-front commitment to volunteer – you can decide when the time comes if it will work for you – but filling out the interest finder ensures you will know about the opportunities in advance.


For information on events and programs at Mt. Tabor Middle School and contact info for school staff, visit www.pps.k12.or.us/schools/mttabor/.
For information about PTA activities and events, visit www.pps.k12.or.us/schools/mttabor/635.htm (from the main school website, choose “Community” then “PTA”).
Stay up to date with PTA news by liking our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/MTMSPTA). 

 Mt. Tabor Middle School
School Supply List

(click here to download the list)

All Students
•    4 rolls transparent office tape with dispenser (all grades—Science)
•    3 ring binder                                                                   
•    Index dividers
•    Pens/pencils and pencil pouch
•    Colored pencils/markers/highlighter
•    Wide ruled notebook paper
•    Glue stick
•    Scissors
•    Ruler with standard and metric measure
•    Basic calculator
•    Thumb/flash drive
•    PE lock (Physical Education)
•    2 boxes of tissues (school supply)
•    1 box of band aides (school supply)
•    2 reams of copier paper (school supply)
•    $10.00 for student planners and other activities (optional) – to support other students who cannot afford supplies.

Do not purchase an assignment book or agenda. We provide one of these for all students. It is used as part of our study skills program and we want all students to have the same one.

6th Grade Students
•    Bound composition notebook (6th grade—JMP and Spanish Immersion Language Arts)
•    Bound composition notebook (all grades—JMP)
•    3 ring binder—1 inch (6th grade—JMP)
7th Grade Students
•    Bound composition notebook (all grades—JMP)
•    Single subject wide ruled spiral notebook (7th grade)
•    2D Batteries (8th grade—Science)
8th Grade Students
•    Bound composition notebook (8th grade—Mr. Dawson’s Social Studies
•    Bound composition notebook with grid paper (8th grade—Ms. Sullivan’s Math)
•    Bound composition notebook (all grades—JMP)
•    AAA Batteries [small pack] (8th grade—Math)


8/23  Project Community Care Day 9:00 a.m. –  12:00 p.m.
9/2 School Begins For Everyone 9:15 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.
9/18  Picture Day
9/22 Back- to- School Night  6:00 p.m. – 8:15 p.m. 

Please keep our dress guidelines in mind as you shop for back to school apparel. “Appropriate dress contributes to a positive learning environment. If the dress or grooming of a student disrupts the educational climate or process…the school has a legitimate concern and may require the student to change his or her dress or grooming”. School is preparation for the work place. Clothing should reflect acceptable dress standards for work. Listed below are examples of but not limited to:

1.    Clothing/jewelry promoting smoking, drugs or alcohol, violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity, insults, ridicules, or anything that is sexually suggestive is unacceptable.
2.    Any immodest clothing such as crop tops, tubes, visible midriff, bare backs, see through, lace and/or underwear showing, or cleavage showing, etc. is unacceptable.
3.    Sagging pants, hanging belts, or pajamas are unacceptable.
4.    Shorts, skirts, and dresses should not be shorter than three inches above the knee. (This includes the slit in the skirt). Very holey clothing is unacceptable.
5.    Backpacks and outdoor coats will be stored in lockers.
6.    Hats, hairnets, scarves, bandanas, or any other unacceptable headgear are not allowed. Hats shall remain in lockers during the school day. Students may use them when they go outside at lunch recess.
7.    Accessories such as sunglasses, head/arm/wrist bands, chains, choke collars/chains, spikes, pacifiers, etc. are not allowed.
8.    Gloves, single or pairs are not allowed.
9.    Makeup must be used in moderation.
10.    Gang writing on any surface is not allowed.
11.    Rolling shoes (with wheels), flip flops, slides, and bedroom slippers are not allowed.

Mt. Tabor Foundation Spring Faire 2015

Annual Fundraising Party

Friday, May 15    6:30-10:00pm

Laurelhurst Club

Help is needed to organize this event.  Our motto is “Many hands make light work.”   See below for all the ways to get involved – most jobs can be completed in only a few hours.

Ø  There will be ONLY 3 MEETINGS: one in fall, one right after spring break, and one a week before the event.

Ø  Training and guidance will be provided to all along the way!

 If you are able to help, please email Carol Criswell   carol.l.criswell@gmail.com

There are two categories of jobs that need to be filled:


Procurement (4 people): collecting items from 70 established donors.  List will be provided.

üTicket Sales:  FILLED by Laura Smoyer

Wine & Beer Procurement (2 people):  Procuring donations for Wheel of Wine as well as beer and wine for serving at the event.

üSponsorship:  FILLED by Jeanne Roberts


üData Entry:  FILLED by Nancy Crean

üFood/Venue/Set-up:  FILLED by Mark Eaton

Decorations (1 person):  Includes event decorations, silent auction boxes and placards.

Will Call (3 people):  Requires working Will Call night of event from about 7:45 through event conclusion.

Check-in/Check-out (4 people):  Requires arriving  at event early and staying until all guests have checked out.  No prior experience needed, you will be trained!

üAuction Coordinator:  FILLED by Carol Criswell

Thank-you Note Coordinator (1 person):  After the event, organizing a group to write thank you notes to donors and sponsors.

Slideshow/Video Coordinator  (1 person): Coordinate with students/staff at Mt. Tabor Middle School to put together a visual presentation to show at the event, depicting “Life at Mt. Tabor Middle School”.  Can ask for assistance from student groups, Builders Club, etc.  Start early and have the whole school year to put it together.  Show should be 10 minutes or less.

Direct Appeal Coordinator (1 person):  Coordinate student speakers, get parent volunteer to lead direct appeal night of event, coordinate night-of speaking logistics with principal.

Event Host (1 person):  Be in charge night of the event, making sure it’s all running smoothly!

Representation from all of Mt. Tabor Middle School is the goal, both in filling the jobs as well as in attendance and participation.  Thank you for considering how you can help continue the wonderful programs Mt. Tabor currently supports as well as bring in new ones!

  School starts at 9:05AM and breakfast is served at 8:50 a.m. Please do not drop off your students earlier than 9:05a.m. unless your student is registered for Before School Supervision. School ends at 3:45 p.m. and students have to leave school grounds by 4:00 p.m. We do not have staff supervision before or after school hours for students. We are not responsible for your student(s) if he/she arrives outside of school hours. Please encourage your student not to walk to school too early.

We notice that there are many students wandering in front of the building, on the sidewalks or going to QFC. With the wet and cold weather coming, please make sure that you're students are picked up on time. We appreciate your cooperation.

Mt Tabor Calendar

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PPS News

Volunteers help students not in school reconnect

September 13, 2014
From left, parent volunteer Jessica Thompson, School Board Director Bobbie Regan and Char Hutson, who oversees middle school community outreach at PPS, prepare to knock on doors of students no in school. More than 50 volunteers joined PPS Reconnection Services staff Saturday, Sept. 13, to knock on the doors of 175 students who are not in school -- and invite those students back. 


Student achievement remains strong, yet urgency affirmed

September 10, 2014

Portland Public Schools continues to outperform the state in reading, math, science and writing, according to state test results released by the Oregon Department of Education Sept. 10.  


PPS announces new chief financial officer

September 09, 2014
Superintendent Carole Smith announced today that Yousef Awwad is Portland Public Schools' new chief financial officer. [More]

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