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Tom Dummer - Resident Technocrat

MLC Tech Information

We have two computer labs at MLC.  One is in Room 313 and has 30 PCs running Windows XP and Office 2010, one MAC G-4 and 3 Linux thin client computers.  We have a several scanners, CD burners, DVD burners, color printers, camera card readers as well as a variety of software applications.

The library has 2 areas with computers.  One area with 22 Linux thin clients and another area with 8 Linux thin clients.  The Linux computers have Open Office as well as other Linux applications.

All students have a secure login and access to a secure Y: Drive folder on the school server.  The Y: drive is available from any computer in the building.

MLC has adopted a Computer Use Agreement that is part of the registration packet and signed by all students and a member of their family.  This document provides guidance for safe and responsible computing for all students.  The first page of the document can be viewed here.  MLC Computer Use Agreement

We are a "Game Free" school.  Computer gaming is not allowed on school computers except with specific teacher authorization.  The general feeling of the school is that computers are tools and should be treated as such in our academic setting.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Tom Dummer       Resident Technocrat

503.916.5737  ext. 76047            tdummer@pps.net