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Carol Murphy

Hi! If you don’t know me I am Carol the kindergarten teacher here at our beloved MLC- 14 years and counting! I love teaching and I think that the mind and heart of the 5 year old is magical and magnificent, but honestly, I love them all- every age, every grade.

I have a passion for learning. I have a master’s degree in Literacy and Early Childhood from Lewis and Clark College. Upon completing my master’s degree I was offered an opportunity to learn more about reading. I embarked upon this new adventure in literacy learning entitled Reading Recovery. This program opened up a whole new way of thinking about literacy. At the completion of my studies I was given the honor of working for Portland Public Schools as a reading specialist helping first graders experience a greater degree of success and confidence. It was an amazing experience and changed my teaching forever.

My daughter graduated from MLC a couple of years ago and she is now pursuing a degree in mathematics in hopes of becoming a high school math teacher. MLC was a great experience for her.

I love MLC, the staff, the students and their families. If you are already a member of this community you know what I mean. And if you are about to become a part of this crew – congratulations! If your choice is still in the wind, take a look at us. We are rather amazing.