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Christopher Snyderbrown

Hello, I am Christopher Snyderbrown, MLC's high school Social Studies and Health teacher. Here is the link to the blog I will try to update weekly to give information on what we are covering in class. Christopher Snyderbrown's classes.

This year, 2015-16, is my ninth year of teaching at MLC.  While the courses I teach vary slightly from year to year, below is a list of classes that I regularly teach. I craft my courses to teach my students typical social studies and health skills, with the intention that these skills will serve students beyond high school. I teach with the belief that study of history is not an exercise in trivia but an avenue to empower people to positively impact their communities and futures. Through the Courageous Conversations Professional Development work the staff does at MLC (and across the district) I have been working to continually improve my practice. Most fundamentally this means I work to continuously analyze the influence of societal structures, such as racism, in my teaching habits and curriculum. And then, to improve them so as to be a more effective teacher for all my students. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I am most easily reached via email at: csnyder1@pps.net
  • Modern World History 1 and 2
  • US History 1 and 2
  • American History Through American Music
  • Economics
  • Civics/Government
  • Health: Mindfulness, Communication, and Human Sexuality
  • Psychology
  • Metro (similar to homeroom)
  • Grade Level Metro- Juniors

 I, and the other high school teachers use the online program Synergy (aka StudentVue or ParentVue) to help communicate student's standings with students and their families.  If you are a parent and need login information, Shannon should be able to provide you with your name and password.

Families can access the Synergy gradebook at https://parent-portland.cascadetech.org/portland/Login_Parent_PXP.aspx

Students can access the Synergy  gradebook at https://student-portland.cascadetech.org/portland/Login_Student_PXP.aspx

If your student has recently been absent I encourage them to

1. Call a friend to get an idea of what they missed,

2.  Check the appropriate Google Classroom to download/print any missed readings or assignments.  

3. When they return come speak with me to learn the specifics of what they missed. (There also are multiple places in my classroom that they can check for assigned work.)