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Christopher Snyderbrown

Hello, I am Christopher Snyderbrown, MLC's high school Social Studies and Health teacher. This year, 2011-12, is my fifth year of teaching at MLC and each year the school has been getting better and better! While the courses I teach vary slightly from year to year, here is a list of classes that were offered last year. Although they only provide you with limited information, you can click on the class to link to it's district syllabus. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I am most easily reached via email at: csnyder1@pps.net

 I, and the other high school teachers use the online program TeacherEase to help communicate student's standings with students and their families. Click here to access their website. If you are a parent and need login information, Jeff should be able to provide you with your name and password.


If your student has recently been absent I encourage them to

1. Call a friend to get an idea of what they missed and then most importantly,

2. When they return come speak with me to learn the specifics of what they missed. (There also are multiple places in my classroom that they can check for assigned work.)


For your education and entertainment here are a few online video links:

The Story of Stuff

RFK 's candidacy and speech on MLK assassination

Mos Def reading a piece of a Malcolm X speech

 MLK, Jr. - Full "I have a dream" speech

 One of my favorite Bollywood song and dance numbers

Tiananmen Square Protester 1989

LinkTV- Online documentaries from around the world

Nina Simone playing at the Harlem Festival

Example of Arvydas Sabonis' passing skills

Malcolm X speaking at Oxford University

Game 4 Lakers/Celtics 1987- "The Baby Hook"

 TED - Ideas Worth Spreading

 Raj Patel- The Value of Nothing

Popul Vuh- illustrated Maya creation myth

Monty Python- The Bicycle Repairman

 Biomimicry in Action

The Battle at Kruger