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Kelly Cox

My name is Kelly Cox and I am the 7x8 Social Studies teacher.  This year we are going to be looking at world history. We will begin the year with a quick review of geography terms and follow with a unit on Latin America, followed by Asia, Africa and Europe.  We are focusing mostly on the pre-Colonial era, but will dive into some current events also.  If you need to contace me e-mail is best! 


Social Studies News

Latin America

Latin America

Our first major unit looks at three large, early civilizations in the Americas: the Maya, Aztec and Inca.  Students will be researching one of the civilizations, creating lessons to teach the rest of the class, doing some argumentative writing and creating a model of a Mayan, Aztec or Incan temple or city center. Time will be provided for these projects, however, work outside of class will be expected (especially on the model).  We will be culminating this unit with an exploration of the Dia De Los Muertos which will including building an altar to honor ancestors.  I will need lots of help with this activity, so if you are available, please let me know ASAP!


Friday Focus

The Pinterest Challenge!

Friday Focus will be starting very soon!  This year, I am doing an art based Friday Focus with some help from one of my favorite apps (and websites) Pinterest! In order to successfully complete this Friday Focus, students will have to complete three different projects in three weeks.  I will help with directions and guidance, but students will have the freedom to personalize their projects as much as possible.  In order to make this possible, I am asking for a little help! If you have any of the following items laying around your house and need them out of your way, please bring them in!

Pumpkins (only for October/November Friday Focus)

Paper (anything! construction, printer, scrapbook, wrapping paper)

Paint (latex or acrylic)


Modpodge (any left over?  I'll take it!)

Craft glue

Wood (free of nails and other unsavory things)

Mason jars (or Ball - brand doesn't matter!)

Mirrors (unbroken)

Pallets (talk to be about this first please!)

Broken crayons or ones you don't use at home anymore


Old frames

Ribbon or cloth


Any other crafty items you can think of!