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Dress Code Policy

Marysville Dress Code Policy

Appropriate dress contributes to a positive environment. According to district policy 4.30.012, students may be directed to change dress, parents may be called, and consequences given to repeat offenders, if the dress interferes with the learning process or school climate, is unclean, or threatens the health or safety of the student or others. Below is the dress code policy for Marysville K-8 School:

  1. Clothing which promote smoking, drugs or alcohol, violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity, insults, ridicules or anything that is sexually suggestive is unacceptable.
  2. Please note that in a K-8 school, something that looks “cute” on a primary student may be revealing and inappropriate on an older student. The strap on tops must be at least two fingers in width (4-8 grade). Any immodest clothing on any student such as crop tops, visible midriff, bare backs, see through, plunging necklines or underwear showing is unacceptable.
  3. Sagging pants, hanging belts, or pajamas are unacceptable.
  4. Shorts and skirts must be longer than the length of a student’s fingertips resting at their sides. (This includes slits)
  5. Rolling shoes (with wheels) are not allowed.
  6. Hats, hairnets, scarves, bandanas, headbands, hoods, or any other headgear are not allowed. (except for religious purposes)
  7. Accessories such as sunglasses, headbands, bandanas, chain belts, choke collars, spikes, pacifiers, etc, are not allowed.
  8. Gloves, single or pairs are not allowed.
  9. Clothing must be clean
  10. Gang writing on any surface is banned.

Board Policy 4.30.012 provides: “The responsibility for the dress and grooming of a student rests primarily with the student and his or her parents or guardians.” Parents are responsible for ensuring student compliance with the school dress code.