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Social Studies - U.S. History

History Alive
In our Social Studies class, we will be focusing on the United States History through Reconstruction. We began the year is discussions of American Natives and will continue through the Civil War. There are fewer homework assignments in this class as we read and take notes during class time. These notes may then be used for tests, role-plays, or projects. 


 Every other Friday, students are responsible for reading current events and completing a response sheet. The current events are posted in the entrance of the room and students are encouraged to read them before or after class and also when they have finished an assignment early. Current events range from sporting events, world headlines, politics, or local events.

  We also use a supplementary book written by Howard Zinn called the Young People's History of the United States. This book gives an accurate portrayal of life in the United States with many primary sources. Students will read sections in partners and summarize what they have read and apply it to what they have read in the textbook.



Learning about the Colonies

Students were paired and asked to research one of the 13 colonies in the Americas. Students created a poster, travel pamphlet, and a jingle to encourage other students to visit their colony. The other students took notes over the lifestyles of settlers, jobs, and economic resources available.

Gus leading a group 



Gus leading a group.














 The Pennsylvania representatives, Austin and Hector, leading a group