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Image of Lion coming through a frameMarysville School

"Relationships, Respect, Rigor"

Marysville School K-8
7733 SE Raymond | Portland, OR 97206
Phone: (503) 916-6363 | Fax: (503) 916-2656

Personal Profile

My name is Becky McAlister, but I'm known around school as Mrs. Mac. I guess that makes my husband, Mr. Mac, which is just fine with him. Terry and I have been married for 23 years.  I am the mother of 4 and the grandmother of 6. I graduated from Western Oregon University in 1985 and began my teaching career in Lincoln County, on the Oregon coast. I love being a teacher and can't imagine myself doing anything else, but I couldn't do this job without the incredible support of my family. They back me up in ways big and small, everything from painting every classroom I've ever inhabited, to sitting around the living room correcting papers or cutting out shapes for art, but most of all being patient about all of the hours I spend at school. I am thrilled to say that my wonderful daughter, Danielle, has decided to be a teacher, it must be genetic!