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About Me

Hi, everyone!

Here, I'll share a little information about myself. Feel free to laugh, question, or simply enjoy.


Hometown: Bryan, Ohio (home of Dum Dums and the Etch A Sketch)

Family: Father - John, Mother - Joyce, Brother - John, and Wife - Jessica


High School: Bryan High School

College: Goshen College (Goshen, Indiana)

Major: Psychology

Minor: International Studies

Countries Visited: Canada, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Mexico, England, Ireland, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, China, Japan (and excited for more)

Instruments Played: Piano, Violin, Bass Violin, Bass Guitar

Hobbies: I enjoy playing sports, especially soccer (high school and college) and basketball (high school). I'm currently coaching the Riverdale High School Lady Mavericks soccer team and also the Marysville Lions 7-8 boys basketball team. I also love watching college sports, mainly football and basketball. When I have some down time, I like to read non-fiction and watch action movies. I'm frequently riding a bicycle either to commute to work or see the country. I've ridden from Portland to San Francisco and also from Nashville, Tennessee to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’ve been to several music festivals over the past few years and really enjoy listening to live music. My passion is working with students and young adults to better themselves.
These are pictures from my college soccer days and my high school basketball days.

To the right is a picture of me as a high school freshman: