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Language Arts

Literature and the Language Arts
Our Language Arts class serves both reading and writing strategies. Our assignments have varied throughout the year and here are some of the things we've done so far and will continue to do. Please be on the lookout for the main textbook and also these auxillary texts.



   Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck's novel based on two migrant workers who have traveled the Southwestern United States in the early 1900s. Our two main characters are George, a keen observer, and Lennie, a strong man with the intellect of a child. The story takes place over a few days as two men dream to own their own farm. The dream is all that Lennie and George keeps them going until something comes along to help this dream become a reality...

After reading the novel, students were asked to write a paper about one of five themes from our supplemental book.


   A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens' classic. Ebenezer Scrooge has his life figured out until the ghost of his former partner, Jacob Marley visits him one Christmas Eve. He alerts Scrooge to the horrors of living such a life style and gives him hope as how to change his fate.



   To Kill a Mocking Bird - A tale of a childhood in a sleepy Southern town and the crisis of conscience that rocked it. Harper Lee's novel has been regarded as a masterpiece of American literature taking a "simple love story" into something much more.




 Black History Month. Throughout the month of February, students have been reading short stories, poems, and related articles written by and about people with an African heritage. After responding to these readings, students have written their own passages relating to each individual piece of literature. At the end of this unit, students will be researching an influential black American and orally reporting about this individual to the class.

Games from Of Mice and Men