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Heather Robertson

Heather Robertson
Heather Robertson

Welcome to third grade! I'm Heather Robertson and I've been teaching at Marysville for 10 years.  I'm so excited to be teaching this group of kiddos!

Third grade is an exciting time when students are moving from primary to intermediate learning. We are focusing on reading strategies that promote comprehension, math concepts that lead to higher order thinking skills and problem solving, and applying concepts to real world apllications. 

Homework is an essential part of your child's learning.  It reinforces the skills being taught in the classroom with additional at-home practice.  It also allows you to be an involved partner in your child's learning. The most important component of homework is Reading!

If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me between 8:00-8:45 or 3:00-3:30 at 503-916-6363 or anytime at hroberts@pps.net .

Heather Robertson