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Heatherle Chambers

Heatherle Chambers
Heatherle Chambers

Classroom Champions

This year, I am pleased to be working as one of 25 Classroom Champions teachers across the nation. Classroom Champions is a nonprofit foundation that connects students in under served schools with Olympic athlete mentors. The mentors encourage the students to set goals for themselves in school and in life.

Please click here to view our beginning of the year powerpoint presentation about goal setting. After viewing this presentation the students each set a goal to learn to read, and another goal for growth in kindergarten. Goals ranged from exercising more, eating more fruits and vegetables, creating great art, becoming a writer, learning to sing better, being a great friend, learning more math, and learning to use technology.

The program provides teachers with technology to let the students communicate with their athletes. We have been making Flip videos to send to our athlete, and watching streaming video to learn about Olympic sports. In the near future we will be participating in live video chats with our athlete using a Cisco umi  console. It's like Skype for your HDTV.

The founders of the program, gold medalist bobsledder Steve Mesler and his sister Dr. Leigh, believe that exposing kids to regular people who have done extraordinary things opens the world of possibilities to our youngsters. Using technology to make connections will encourage kids to see technology as a natural communication and learning tool.

Big thanks to our fourth and fifth grade buddies in Mrs. Joy's class for helping research the ParaPan American Games that took place this November. Our mentor Mary Allison Milford and her team won a gold medal in women's wheelchair basketball. MA also won a  gold medal at the Bejing Games in 2008, and is currently preparing for the 2012 London Paralympics.

To see our class asking Mary Allison some questions, follow this link to the Classroom Champions page. Hit the top menu button that says "Inside the Classroom." Scroll down to my name. On that page, you will see the video we made for MA. There is also a link to learn about Mary Allison.

If you are enjoying these videos, there are more on the Classroom Champions You Tube channel. The videos feature other mentor athletes and special guests.

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