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From Our Counselor

Mindup at Marysville

What would it be like if every child, every parent, every community member was able to slow down and take a deep, calming breath when experiencing feelings of upset, stress or even when just starting or ending the day?  What would it be like if conflicts could be solved more easily because our bodies were calm, cool and connected?  What would it be like to be in a community where everyone used a deep calming breath to pause before entering into a challenging or even a wonderful event? 

We call it MindUp at Marysville.  MindUp is a curriculum that we are teaching school wide.  Every student in every class is getting this curriculum every week.  Teachers are using the skill we are teaching throughout the day.  We begin the day and end the day with calm breathing.  Many of the teachers use the breathing at transitions.  IT IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

The MindUp program is a research based curriculum that expands the students’ social and emotional awareness as well as enhances their academic performance.  We know from the research that students who are able to self-regulate their emotions are more successful as community members and as students.

In February we will have a parent training on MindUp.  We invite all adults in our community to join us to learn about and participate in this wonderful new curriculum here at Marysville. 

Jean Berg, School Counselor. 

Our counselor, Jean Berg can be reached by email or by phone at 503-916-6363.