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Student Work

March 2014

The 7th and 8th grade students recently finished a flash fiction unit. Flash fiction has many different definitions, but generally it is defined as a story less than 1000 words. For their assignments, students had to write a story with 200-500 words which left the reader wondering, or conjuring up some part (beginning, middle, end) of the story. The unit ended with the students voting on flash fiction winners.

Below are the two winners.


7th grade flash Fiction Winner:

Careful What You Wish For

By Hannah Ragsdale

A man was walking around the beach, when suddenly he tripped over a lamp. He turned around and kicked it for making him fall over and out popped a genie. It rose up to the sky and boomed loudly, “Even though you kicked my home with me in it, I will still grant you 3 wishes. But fair warning! For what you wish the person you hate most in this world will get DOUBLE of what you wish. Now you may go.” Without hesitation, the man blurted out, “I wish to have a Lamborghini!” The car appeared next to the man and sure enough, 2 of them appeared in the other person’s garage.

For his second wish the man said, “I wish to have 4,000 dollars.” Some money appeared in the car near the man and 8,000 dollars were transferred into the person’s bank account. Then the genie said, “This is your third and last final wish. What shall it be?”

The man looked down at the ground for a second, then slowly looked up. “I wish,” he started, “To donate one kidney.” The next day the man attended a funeral that he was proud of.

8th grade flash Fiction Winner and Overall Winner as voted on by his peers

But, I’m Just Here

By Terrance Phal

“Where do I go? Do I just leave?” I can’t believe I didn’t get to say goodbye to you the way we’ve done it for years. Just to be able to hear what you would of said back would be an absolute dream. I’m going to carry the grief for many years; until death. If it comes to the point of giving up, it will be extremely difficult. They keep telling me it will get better, but I don't know how this pain I’m holding inside will get any better. Let me be honest with you. Day by day I wish I could say, “Life is just amazing!” The pain inside that I’m hiding so well is just getting worse . How did it even come this? It didn’t have to be this way at all. I wish we could redo this day all over and say goodbye correctly. You didn’t even have to go. It could've been one of those nights when you stayed over and we did those littles things we both enjoyed doing together. But I’m here, looking up at the stars, wondering why I never got the chance to tell say how you much I love you. I thought you knew how much since our first date! I feel the pain growing inside as I blame myself for all of this. If it wasn’t for me you would be here next to me safe and sound, but you left not even knowing where you were going. I’m never going to forget that I didn't even offer you a ride. That doesn’t matter at all. I should have never let you leave in the first place. I’m also never going to forget that I didn’t even give you my coat. I knew you forgot something; that’s why I’m standing here outside surprisingly warm while you are out walking around to God knows where, probably freezing to death. I need time to think. Everyone needs to leave me alone and stop telling me, “Everything happens for a reason,” or, “Things will get better.” I know this wasn’t supposed to happen, and life is just going to be a downfall from here because I know this time we are done. I know that because I’m still wearing my coat. You would have came back and got it some how. That would of have given us a reason to talk again...

“Oh I have your coat. Stop by later and pick it up at my place.”

I remember how things worked between us. I know it would be okay if you were just wearing my coat. Just please come back and let me give you my coat. If I only knew where you were, I would go to you quickly and easily convince you to put on my coat.