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Image of Lion coming through a frameMarysville School

"Relationships, Respect, Rigor"

Marysville School K-8
7733 SE Raymond | Portland, OR 97206
Phone: (503) 916-6363 | Fax: (503) 916-2656

Staff Pages

School Year 2014 to 2015

Administration and Office Staff

Name Position Email
Lana Penley Principal lpenley@pps.net
Liz Wilson Assistant Principal lwilson3@pps.net
Diana Christensen Principal's Secretary dchristensen@pps.net
Mary Foidel School Secretary mfoidel@pps.net


Ali Herron     Kindergarten aherron@pps.net
Annette Bacon     Kindergarten abacon@pps.net
Cyndi Medina     Kindergarten cmedina@pps.net
Carla Bickett 1st Grade cbickett@pps.net
Dipti Muni 1st Grade dmuni@pps.net
Rosina Hardy 1st Grade rhardy1@pps.net
Wendy Sharp 2nd Grade gksharp@pps.net
Becky McAlister 2nd Grade rmcalister@pps.net
Heather Anello 3rd Grade helder@pps.net
Stephanie Doney 3rd Grade sdoney@pps.net
Andrew Boehm 4th Grade aboehm@pps.net
Connie Lewis     4th & 5th Grade connielewis@pps.net
Kelli Joy 5th Grade kjoy@pps.net
Shannon Chedester 6th Grade schedest@pps.net
Bob Moxley 6th Grade bmoxley@pps.net
Gillian Murr 7th/8th Grade Language Arts gmurr@pps.net
7th/8th Grade Compacted Math
Madeline Allen 7th/8th Grade Social Studies mallen@pps.net
Laura White 7th/8th Grade Math lwhite3@pps.net
Ralph Maxwell 7/8th Grade Spanish rmaxwell@pps.net
Molly Kangas 7th/8th Grade Science mkangas@pps.net

Specialists and Support Staff

Cathy Arrington Library Assistant carring@pps.net
Emily Sanborn School Counselor esanborn@pps.net
Heather Robertson Behavior Coach hroberts@pps.net
Jennifer McKnight     Technology jmcknigh@pps.net
Custodian (evening)
Custodian Head (days)
Amy Bantle Speech Path abantle@pps.net
Amy Delp Technology Assistant & Kindergarten EA adelp@pps.net
Janice Holstine Special Education Teacher 6 - 8th jholstine@pps.net             
Gina Kim-Folston SUN gkim-folston@impactnw.org
Mary Bokoske                    ESL Teacher               mbokoske@pps.net
Chris Stinson ESL Teacher cstinson@pps.net
Cathy Murray Academic Coach 4 - 8th Grades  cmurray2@pps.net
Jerrie Perkins Academic Coach K - 3rd Grades jperkins@pps.net
Beth Pressman-Olson Special Education Teacher K -  5th bpressma@pps.net
Candie Sparks Nutrition Services Lead csparks@pps.net
Mel Simrell Drama   msimrell@pps.net
Tom Hewitt PE thewitt2@pps.net  
Mary Jo Lee School Psychologist mlee3@pps.net
Candie Sparks Kitchen ns268@pps.net
Ralph Maxwell Spanish Language Teacher rmaxwell@pps.net
Yen Truong Vietnamese Language Teacher ytruong@pps.net
Amy Ryll School Nurse aryll@mesd.k12.or.us


Educational Assistants/Para-Educators


Terie Keller Para-Educator thanley@pps.net
Eva Gonzalez                Bilingual Educational Assistant             egonzale@pps.net
Lien Tran                    Bilingual Educational Assistant ltran1@pps.net
Brett Christy-Hamilton Para-Educator bchristy@pps.net
Jessie Thompson Para-Educator jthompson@pps.net