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3905 SE 91st Ave | Portland, OR 97266
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I like RA2 because

"We are close and connected, a community. I always know where to go for support.” Gr. 11

“…it is a small school that allows you to be able to connect with all of your teachers and get help when needed.” Gr. 11

“…the teachers are cool, and take care of their students even on out of school subjects.” Gr. 11

“…it feels like family. We’re the flowers and it’s the fertilizer. All the teachers are super friendly and care about helping us succeed.” Gr. 12

I am myself at RA2 when…

“…all the time. I can say with confidence that I don’t ever feel the need to put up a front while I am here.” Gr. 11,

“…I know I can be myself all the time here and not get judged for how I look or who I am hanging out with.” Gr. 9

I like the arts at RA2 because…

“…it shows each and everyone’s ability, strength, individuality, and artistic side.” Gr 12

“…there is a wide variety of classes we can choose from. We do not only have art in our electives, but it is integrated into each class.” Gr. 12

“…they reach out to my creative soul.” Gr. 11

“…everyone has a unique style, no one’s art looks the same.” Gr. 12

I feel academically challenged at RA2 when…

“I have to write essays one after another…I’m a slow writer so the practice is helping me grow immensely—it keeps my brain warm.” Gr. 11

“asked to go beyond the expectations of the teacher. Being able to rise past the quality of work asked of you show that you do not fear a challenge.” Gr. 11

“…my teachers push me to use my abilities to their fullest extent. It’s hard, but it help me in many ways. Gr. 10

I feel safe at RA2 because…

“…the teachers and the upperclassmen care about me and don’t let me make poor choices.” Gr. 12

“…everyone knows each other, and we have friendly security guards.” Gr. 12

“…everyone here is like a family. You don’t have to worry about anything bad ever happening.” Gr. 9

“…we are a close knit community that looks out for one another. Something not found at other schools.” Gr. 12

RA2 is a unique school because…

“…everyone has a different way of expressing themselves.” Gr. 11

“…The people and teachers are always themselves.” Gr. 12

“…the teachers know the special needs of every student.” Gr. 12

“…it helps students show more emotion and learn how they can express themselves through writing and art.” Gr. 10

“…the people are different and our learning environment is so arts involved we gain a different learning experience.” Gr 11

“…you can go anywhere and you won’t find another high school that is so open and supportive at helping you be yourself.” Gr. 9