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Marshall Transition

On this page we hope to answer questions about the transition of Pauling Academy students to their new school at Madison or Franklin.

We suggest you take a look at the web pages for Madison and Franklin and get to know about their class offerings and programs. If you still have questions, you can pick up a question card from the office and we will answer it as soon as we can. Those answers will be posted on this page as well as at Pauling.


Transition Q & A

Q: When do we change to the other school?


A: All students will start at their new schools at the beginning of the next school year (September 2011).



Q: Can I change schools right now?


A: No. Transfers for this academic year were decided last year. You cannot change schools during the year unless you move into another school’s boundary area.



Q: Where will I take summer school this summer?


A: Summer school will be the same as it has in years past. Check out the district web page for more information.



Q: Will I be able to play sports at my new school?


A: You will have the same opportunity as any other member of your new school to try out for the sports teams. Keep an eye on your new school’s sports web page (Madison Franklin) to learn about practice and try-out dates. It’s also OK to contact the coaches of the sports you are interested in if you are worried about missing information.


Q: Who will my ESL teacher be?


A: Both Madison and Franklin have multiple ESL teachers depending on what level you are at. Current ESL teacher at Madison are: Ben Grosscup, Patricia Conway, and Jennifer Silberburg.  At Franklin: Anne Meadows, Nora Robertson, and Hang Nguyen. Click on their names to learn more about them.



Q: When will we forecast for next year?


A: At this point, both Madison and Franklin will be forecasting at some time in February. We will update this answer as we get more specific dates. Click here to check out Franklin's course guide. Click here to see Madison's course guide.


For students attending Madison:

Madison open house for parents and students: Madison Showcase Night February 8 @ 6:30 p.m. 

On February11th, students will hear a brief presentation from Madison staff regarding different Madison programs and forecasting. There will be an opportunity for questions and answers. Then, on February 15th, students will meet with Madison councilors by grade to forecast for next year.
For students attending Franklin: 
Discover Franklin Open House for parents and students: February 1st @ 6-8 p.m. Follow Up school tours and opportunities to meet with Franklin staff on February 9th and February 23rd @ 6-7:30 p. m. 
Dates for Franklin forecasting in February to be determined. 
Q: I forecasted for classes at Madison (or Franklin) for next year. When do I get my schedule?
A: In August you will receive a packet from your new school with information about registration dates and procedures. When you register at your new school, you will will pick up your schedule.







More questions will be added as they are received. To view the district information on the Marshall Transition, click here.