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Alaric True

True at the Smithsonian!
True at the Smithsonian!

Hello Students and Families,

I am teaching Humanities at Pauling Academy this year. This is my favorite school in the district! I feel honored to be here and I will work with you to make this academic year a success. On these pages I will have assignments, homework, readings, and links to helpful information.

You can check your grades and missing assignments at Gradebook. Parents and students each have a log-in number - if you can't find yours, check with Mark in the office. He knows everything about everything.

Contact me at my email - atrue@pps.net - with any questions or concerns.

This page is a work in progress, so please check back for more information in the future.


Thank you!

Alaric True


    I love the Smithsonian and that's that.