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Below you will find additional resources for each on my classes.  Also, please feel free to e-mail me with any problems or concerns at juppenda@pps.net.

Daily Agenda     C = AP Calc   P = Pre Calc   S = AP Stats  HW = homework or assignment

2/1 C Integration Tricks HW pg 338 13-35odd, P Complex #s and the unit circle HW WS1-5, S Confidence Intervals HW 10.7,10.8,10.9

2/2 C ex Der. and Int. HW pg. 356 35-45 odd 85-89 all, P Hand of Sine, S Conf. Int. 10.1 quiz

2/3 C field trip, P quiz and making waves, S t-intervals 10.2 quiz

2/4 C Bases other than e HW p366 37-37 all, making waves, S

2/7 C video HW probs for videos, P making waves day 3 + worksheet, S on line quizzes

2/8 C matching cards and review packet, P Unit Circle Review + worksheet      ,S practice test

2/9 C bingo , P Intro to Sinusoidal Functions + worksheet, S stats article HW ws

2/10 C inverse trig functions pg 377 1-29 odd, P         , S Ch 11activity

2/11 C transcendentals pg 377 31-59odd,     , S ch 11 intro ch 10 review

2/14 C Transcendentals pg 385 1-6 all, P   , S ch 11 - hypotheses testing 11.1 quiz

2/15 C Transcendentals Quiz HW: worksheet, P     , S hypo testing 11.2 quiz

2/16 C,P ,S Hypo testing continued

2/17 C , P, S 11.3 quiz

2/18 C Growth and Decay assessment, P    , S 11.4 quiz

2/22 C Growth and Decay pg 418 11-23odd, P   , S ch 11 practice quiz

2/23 C Deriv assess and integr assess PLUS area between 2 curves pg 452 1-6 and pg 429 7,13,15, P Group Quiz, S Practice test CH11

2/24 C Are between two curves HW p 429 7,13,15 pg 452 7-11 odd,15, 17-25odd, P group quiz, S t-test HW 12.6

2/28 C Volume HW pg 462 1-4, 23, P TEST, S Paired t-test HW12.9



3/1 C Volume HW pg 462 13,14,33,35, P HW WS 3-1 , S Tests for proportions 12.1 & 12.2

3/2 C Volume HW pg 462 19-21, P HW WS 3-2, CH12 test

3/3 C Volume worksheet HW MC 1988n 1-8, P co-functions HW 3-3, S CH 12 test

3/4 C 1988 practice MC, P hw p321 1-11odd, S ch 13 airplane activity.

3/7 C Limits WS, P pythag indent p 321 #13-19odd, 29, 31, 37 a-c, S ch 13 quiz

3/8 C Limit WS Continued, P HW p 321 2-10even, S ch 13.1 and 13.2

3/9 C Jeopardy, P Trig calculator HW finish WS, S 13.2 quiz and start ch 13 class test

3/10 - C 5/4 Review for AP exam, S 3/10-5/11 Review for AP Exam

5/9 C Computer programming unit with Mr Tucker!

Here is last semester's list of assignments sem1assignments.doc

Programming Unit
Downlad instructions to install Java on your machine (or in the lab).  Download the template.java file.

Installation Corrections        


AP Calculus AB & BC

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Pre Calculus

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AP Statistics

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