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Maplewood Principal's News

September 15, 2014 

Dear Maplewood Families,

I was very impressed with the students this past week. They were kind, polite, respectful and calm. The first few weeks of school can be anxiety producing, as they remember how to get around the school, build new relationships with their teacher and peers in addition to recalling the lunch/recess protocol. The students have been patient with challenges, asking for help appropriately and expressing their gratitude for help when they receive it. If your child is struggling with any issues at the start of school, please encourage them to let an adult at school know. We are here to help them.

As the principal, my biggest concern is the safety of our students. They can’t learn if they aren’t safe. I would like to thank you all for your help in keeping the parking lot and streets around the school safe for our kids. We have buses trying to keep on schedule, as well as several cars each day picking up and dropping off students. We don’t have much room in our driveways/parking lots for all of this to happen. Please continue to drive slowly, have patience and be thoughtful of other drivers, pedestrians and buses. Thank you for your continued help with this!

While on the topic of safety, some of you have asked why our front doors are remaining unlocked this year during the school day.  We were given a green light to have the doors unlocked once our cameras were installed.   We have three views from the monitor on Kathy’s desk.  We are able to see who is coming and going in real time and the camera also records all activity at the front entrance.

Morning Arrival - Please note if your child arrives before 7:50 am they will need to wait outside and will not have supervision as the building is not open yet.

Dismissal Plans-Please plan ahead if your child’s end of the day routine is changing.  We ask that you send a note with your child about the change. If the change is last minute please give Kathy a call in the office as teachers and Kathy may not be checking email.

 **There is a correction to Third grade pick-up after school as it was displayed on our map in the last newsletter.  Third grade pick-up this year is on the black top along with the fourth and fifth grade.

Update on Kindergarten Classrooms - Parents of Kindergarten students Thank you for your patience as we move through the process of getting in place a new teacher.  We are working closely with HR and hope to have an announcement very soon.  I know Ms. Thomas and Ms. Ockunzzi have been talking to students about the third classroom and how exciting it will be for all of the students.

As we work to determine which students we will shift from each class, please keep in mind that we cannot take requests for teachers and that we are looking at keeping the students at the center of our decisions.  We will keep you up to date with information as we get it.

From School Nurse:  MEDICATIONS

Medication should be given at home if possible. At times, there are students who need to have medication in the school setting, in order to remain at school during the day.

Over-the-counter medicine and prescription medication, by law, is handled in the same way.

In all cases, written parental permission and physician instructions must be on file for protection of both students and staff.

I’d like to take a few minutes to review some of the basics:

· Medication must be brought to school and picked up by a parent.

· A parent must fill out an ‘authorization for medication’ form for each medication brought to the office. 

· Medication must be delivered in the original container. Never send medication in a plastic baggie.

· Parent instructions on the ‘authorization for medication’ form and the pharmacy label must match.

·       Cough drops, eye drops and creams. The school is required to handle these items like any other medication.  A parent must bring the medication to the  office in the original packaging and fill out the ‘authorization for medication’ form.

· Medication must be picked up from the office at the end of the school year, or it will be thrown away.


As a parent, I know that it is sometimes hard to decide if your child is too sick to come to school. Some illnesses are very obvious. Others may not seem that serious to you but could still cause problems at school. I would like to offer you a few guidelines to follow. If your child has any of the following symptoms, please keep your child home until symptom-free and without fever for 24 hours.

FEVER: No child with a fever of 100 degrees or more should be sent to school. A fever is a symptom that something is not right with the body and should be considered with any other symptom that may occur such as cough, sore throat, etc. If your child does have a fever of 100 degrees or more, do not send him/her back to school until he/she has been without a fever for 24 hours.

COLD/COUGH/SORE THROAT: If your child has a stuffy nose or slight cough he/she may come to school. However, if your child has green or yellow nasal secretions or is accompanied by a fever, do not send your child to school. If the cough is accompanied by a fever, your child needs to stay home. If your child’s throat is red, has white spots on it, or is accompanied by a fever, your child needs to stay home and be seen by a doctor.  Also, remind your child to wash his/her hands after coughing or blowing his/her nose, as this will stop the spread of germs to other people.

RASH: A rash can be caused by many things including chicken pox, poison ivy, allergies or something more severe. It is important for you to have a rash examined by your doctor so that he/she can determine the cause and also determine if your child can be in school. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL WITH A RASH without a note from your doctor telling us that it is safe for your child to be in school.

DIARRHEA: If your child is having loose bowel movements it is a good idea to call your doctor to determine the cause and treatment. Because diarrhea can have many causes, some of which make your child contagious to others, you must have your doctor send us a note to let us know if your child can be in school with this condition. Return to school can occur when symptom free from diarrhea, as well as symptom free from vomiting for 24 hours.

LICE:  There is a school policy for NO LIVE LICE . Keep your child at home and treat with the appropriate medicated shampoos. Children will be checked for lice and nits in the office before returning to the classroom upon arrival back to school. 

If you have questions or concerns, please call me through the school office.

Sabrina,  RN

Upcoming events/dates: 

Sept 11:    Walking School Buses Begin

Sept 17:    2 Hour Late Opening

Sept 23:    Back to School Night Picnic/Open House  6:00 - 7:30 pm

Oct 09:      Picture Day!

Oct 09:      Int’l Walk to School Day

Oct 10: Statewide Inservice – NO SCHOOL

TAG Summer Info

Is your child designated as TAG (Talented and Gifted)?  

If so, you may be interested in Southern Oregon Universities pre-college / summer youth programs.  

To learn more, please visit their web site at;


Or you can call their office at 541-552-6452.

Information About Maplewood School

Kindergarten Information - Information about PPS Kindergarten Programs, Fee for Service, and ideas for preparing your child for Kindergarten are available at their site.


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