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Lily Caputo

 Lily E. Caputo, Spanish Teacher

Started Teaching: 1999

Started at Madison: 2012

Bachelor’s Degree: Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (La Paz, Bolivia)

Master’s Degree: Portland State University

Why I teach: Teaching is my passion. I believe that teaching is the best way to transform the world we live in. Teaching foreign languages, I feel I am giving my students the key to open the door to a new world full of opportunities for them.

What students can expect from me: I have high expectations for all of my students because I know everybody can learn and shine in a unique way. Expect lots of oral practices in class, showing how creative you can be, and homework.

Who inspires me: I have several inspirations, but the closest to my heart is my mother, who was a teacher as well, and whose patience and understanding helped shape numerous lives.

P.S. I am a great cook. I love to cook for my family that is the most important element in my life.