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Jennifer Silberberg


Jennifer Silberburg, originally from South Africa, was a middle school math teacher prior to her current position at Madison High School.  She has been teaching math since 2001 and is currently teaching ESL math and Bridges to Algebra 2.  Jennifer was a social worker before becoming a teacher.  She obtained her Masters in the Art of Teaching at Lewis and Clark College, in Portland, Oregon.  She is also a proud mother of three children.   The integration of these experiences adds to her credentials as a teacher.  As a favorite pasttime, she is a kick-boxer and is learning to play the paino.

"When the body is strong and the mind is weak, the result is insubordination. Train your mind as well as your body."


Contact Information

Email: jsilberb@pps.net

Phone: (503) 916-5220, ext. 79284

The best way to contact me is email.

Class Schedule

The schedule below alternates daily.  For daily time schedules and "Year at a Glance" please refer to the Madison Master Schedule.

"A" Day

 1 ELD 1
 3 Language Support 1
 5 ELL Geometry
 7 Prep

"B" Day

 2 Language Arts 1
 4 ELL Algebra 1-2
 6 Prep
 8 ELL Algebra 1-2