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Art Department

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The Art Department at Madison High School is dedicated to teaching students how to truly see and learn. Through right brain studies and various mediums we strive to give the young artist the highest level of art education possible. Through creativity and hard work we mold students into strong art thinkers, able to make the art as well as intelligently critique it. We also connect the young artist to the outside community by holding several art shows a year where the students can sell their art and gain a broader perspective on the art world outside the school. The best element we offer to students is teaching them how to learn, no matter what the medium or company.  We are committed to art advocacy and community in our state and work hard to keep art at the forefront of our school and district. 




Student Art Shows:




Jontajshae Smith: Portrait Drawing Grade 11
Fine Art 1-2

Fine Art 3-8

A.P. Studio Art 2D

A.P. Studio Art 3D

Photography 1-2

Photography 3-4

Commercial Art 1-2

Commercial Art 3-8

Ceramics 1-2

Ceramics 3-8

Digital Graphic Arts/ Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS