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Teacher Class Project Resources
Gregory/House Biology Toxin Fair Project Overview




Guided Research Notes

Website Evaluation Criteria


Works Cited Example

Toxin Fair 2012 Video




All got ssr?  get books! got ssr?  get books!

Summer School

Various Lit Circles

List of Madison Lit Sets

List by Lexile


9th grade Language Arts Romeo & Juliet

Shakespeare's England   Internet Journey


Bennon Peace Studies Summer Reading

Storyboard Template

Peace Studies Novels

Nobel Peace Prize Winners


Brunak  Advanced Journalism

Independent Reading

Bibliography of Journalism Books 

Fredgant College Prep English Persuasive Research Paper

Boolean Searching

Databases Handout

Opposing Viewpoints

MLA Formatting Scoring


Gomes Language Arts Influential Figures

 MLA Source Information Worksheet


 Website Evaluation Criteria

  Influential Figures in Brief alphabetical

Influential Figures in Brief

Female Revolutionary Bibliography

Influential Men and Organizations Bibliography

Influential Men and Organizations Webliography


French 3/4 and

French 5/6

Connections Francaise

Bibliography of French-related books



AP Language & Composition

American Authors Research


MLA Tutorial & Pre-Test

Getting Started with Big6

Notetaking Form

MLA Source Information Worksheet

American Authors


Film & Literature Film Genres Study


Film Genres Webliography


Tillery Language Arts Poetry


Citation Maker Bookmark

Prominent American Poets

MLA Source Information Worksheet