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David Conine, Chemistry Instructor Madison HS


Soon to be retired, I graduated from SOU in 1984 with degrees in Chemistry, Physics, and Physical Geography; plus post BS work towards a Masters in Science Education.  I have 20+ years of coaching experience in Golf, Football, and Softball.  My teaching awards include AOI Educational Excellence award recipient, 1992 and Multnomah County Soil and Water Conservation District distinguished service recipient, 1993.

Contact Information

Email: dconine@pps.net

Phone: (503) 916-5220, ext. 79342

The best way to contact me is through email or phone.


Chemistry sections and periods taught

A day                                    B day

PER 1 AP CHEM                   PER 2 AP CHEM

PER. 3 FPC                          PER 4 CHEM 1-2

PER. 5 CHEM 1-2                 PER 6 CHEM 1-2

PREP                                    PREP


Chemistry 1-2

Chemistry 1-2 Course Syllabus (pdf)

AP Info 2013-2014

AP chemistry Exam is Monday May 5, 2014

There is no more zero period class time after the AP exam!

Semester Two Assignments