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Madison Clubs

Here is an online list of the Clubs at Madison HS for 2015-16:


Juggling - Tues/Thurs lunch in C-10 (Fredgant) 

NHS - Thursdays after school on C-34 (Ghan)

Future Hispanic Leaders - Thursdays at lunch in C-14 (Montas/Gomes) 

Red Cross - 1st and 3rd Wednesdays after ST time in C-33 (Adajian) 

Bible Club - Fridays during lunch in C-32 (Elwell)

ECO Team - Tuesday at lunch in C-55 (House) 

Science Club - B day Tuesdays at 3:30 in C-53 (Stagner) 

GSA - Wednesdays at lunch in Art Gallery (Cooper) 

Library Rats - 3rd Wednesday of each month at lunch in the library (Sullivan)

Black Student Union - Fridays at lunch in C-46 (Gregory) 

Anime Club - Tuesdays after school in library (Sullivan)

Key Club - Every Monday at lunch in B34 (McNulty)

Garden Club - Every Wednesday after school in the Garden (Wiencke)

Jr. and Sr. class adviser - Times TBA (Setterholm)

Madison Muses (Theatre Club) Thursdays @ lunch in B59 (Jacobs)

Viet Club - Thursdays from 2:30 - 3:30 in B66 (Dao)

Dali Darlings - Art club meets in A20 on Wednesdays after school. (Rowzeski)

Role Player Club - Gaming club meets in A20 on Wednesdays after school (Rowzeski)

Madison SUN Girls Group: During Lunch Every Thursday B-17 (Faiza)
Madison SUN College Club: After school Every Wednesday B-61 (Faiza)
Madison SUN African Group: After school on every Thursday In the cafeteria