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Myriah Day

Myriah Day teaches German at Madison High School. 

It is wonderful to be at Madison! 

I have been speaking German for 18 years and have lived in Germany for three years. Through allowing students to communicate collaboratively about their learning desires, different methods have emerged into our classroom of learning German language and culture. We work together to learn in fun ways using songs and a variety of activities to develop all modes of communication.

To view class schedule and daily activities, click the following link:

Madison High School German 


In June 2013, I will be taking a group of students from Madison to Hannover, Germany for a three-week exchange. Students are sponsored by the German American Partnership Program and have the opportunity to attend school and live with host families. Many fundraising efforts are underway to pay for the airfare to Germany.

To view MHS German Exchange Program Blog, click the following link:

Hannover-Portland Exchange 2013 


In my time outside of Madison, you can find me spending time with my 4-year-old son Harvey, riding my bicycle, driving around the community art car, working at my other school teaching chemistry and German, finishing up courses to teach English to English language learners, or hanging out with my fellow, friends, and roommates. 

Contact Information 

Email: mday@pps.net 

Phone: 503-916-5220 Ext 79384

The best way to contact me is by email.

Class Schedule

The schedule below alternates daily. For daily time schedules and "Year at a Glance" please refer to the Madison Master Schedule.

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