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Seniors Information

Class of 2015 Commencement

Wednesday, June 10th, 8pm at the Memorial Coliseum

Dear Parent/Guardian of Madison Senior:

It is time to prepare for the commencement ceremony for the Class of 2015.  We are working hard to make sure that this graduation will be a memorable occasion for all. There are always many questions and concerns about the actual event.  Hopefully, the following will provide you with the information you need and answer all of your questions. Your student will receive a copy of this information at our mandatory senior meeting during ST time Thursday, April 2nd, at 2:33pm in the auditorium.

1.      To participate in the commencement your student MUST be present at the rehearsal. 

·         The rehearsal will be at held at 8:00 am in the Memorial Coliseum on Wednesday, June 10th; students should plan on being there for two hours.

·         We have time constraints and must start and finish on time.  During the rehearsal, we will run through the entire ceremony and students will be placed in their    assigned seat so they are handed the correct diploma.


2.      Directions to the Memorial Coliseum are as follows: I-84W to I-5N, exit I-5 at the Broadway exit. Continue one block north and take a left onto Broadway. Follow the signs to Rose Quarter parking.

3.      Parking will be on the street or in the Rose Quarter Parking Lot.  Parking is a minimum of $8 per car so we encourage you to car pool.  There are Tri-Met and MAX stops within walking distance to the Memorial Coliseum.

Graduation Ceremony Details

·         Doors open at 7:15 pm on graduation day. 

·         Dress Code for Graduates at Commencement:


o   Men: Dress shirt, tie, dress slacks, dress shoes.  Do not wear a sport or suit coat.  It will be too warm.

o   Women: Wear a dress or nice skirt and blouse with flat or       low-heeled shoes.

o   Safety pins are helpful with the gown collars. Bobby pins are helpful to keep your hat in place.

·         In respect to each graduate and so that each name can be heard, we ask that the audience hold their applause until all the students have received their diplomas.  Additionally, we ask that you please silent your cell phone.

·         Please stay for the entire ceremony.  Graduates will recess out of the arena to the fountain court and then head upstairs to the front of the Coliseum.  Prior to the ceremony, please make arrangements as to where to meet with your graduate immediately following the ceremony. 



·         Tickets are General Admission so we encourage families to arrive early and together if they would like to sit together.

·         Every individual (including infants) must have a ticket. 

·         Please be seated before 8:00pm. The procession of the graduates is an important part of the ceremony, and we want everyone to be able to see the event. 

·         Handicapped seating areas will be available; see an usher when you arrive. Signers may be provided for the hearing impaired if requested in advance.  Call Monica in the main office for more details.


·         The main arena floor is for graduates and faculty only so you must take pictures of the ceremony from your seats.

·         If you have a video camera, you must have battery-operated equipment.  Tripods are not allowed as aisles cannot be blocked.

·         Please gather all belongings from your student and take pictures prior to the student entering the coliseum. 

·         Professional photos (by GRADIMAGES) will be taken as each graduate receives his / her diploma.  Information regarding how to purchase these will be available at the Coliseum.

·         The ceremony will be taped by KPBS and broadcast on Channel 28. Videos can be purchased through TV Services (503) 916-5838.

“The 60 Day Rule

The following school board policy is in effect as of Sunday, April 5th

Commencement Disqualification”: Seniors may be disqualified from participation in commencement exercises and related activities if within 60 days of the last senior school day they are found to be in violation of District Drug and Alcohol policy or any violation resulting in a disciplinary action Level 3 or greater.”


Students may register for the MAD GRAD "All Night Grad Party". Buses will begin loading at 10:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 10th, from the Coliseum, immediately after graduation. Buses will leave at10:30 p.m. and will return to Madison's lower parking lot the next morning at approximately 5:15 a.m.  If you have questions, or would like to register your student, please e-mail MadGrad2015@gmail.com or call Sheryl Price at 503-312-7108.

We encourage you to review this with your student.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the Monica at (503) 916-5220, Ext. 79367.


We look forward to seeing you at this memorable event. We extend to your graduate our congratulations and our hopes for a bright future.



Madison High School Administrators



Petra Callin                          Terri Sing                                        Alfredo Quintero

Principal                              Vice Principal                                  Vice Principal




Senior Meeting in the auditorium during ST time 2:33pm.



We are in the 60-day time frame in which seniors will be disqualified from participation in commencement exercises and related activities if they are found to be in violation of the school district drug and alcohol policy OR a serious disciplinary action (reference: 4.30.020-AD)



Jostens, Cap & Gown handout near the Auditorium from 2:15pm to 3pm.  

(After this date they will be stored in the main with Monica.)



Prom Guest Applications are available in the main office - see Monica




Prom Guest Applications are due – Please return to Monica in the main office



Prom tickets on sale (Non-Madison guests must be approved—see Monica)



Bookkeeper fee lists (athletic fees, etc.) will be posted outside of the bookkeeper’s office.   Library and textbook fee lists will be posted outside of the library.



Sign-ups for Commencement Speaker Try-Outs—see Monica in the main office



Last day for seniors to check out library books


21st & 28th

Commencement Theme Speaker Try-Outs—2:30 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. by appointment Class Quote:

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” - Robin Williams



* Notification of seniors in jeopardy of not graduating



Senior Prom 8-11 p.m. at the Tiffany Center—Ticket prices are $30 for single, $50 for couple



Locker Clean Out. Students check in with their 3rd period teacher first for roll call



Last day to complete credit recovery in time for June graduation






Senior Finals – regular Tuesday & Wednesday Schedule - exams administered during regular class time



Senior Fines/Fees Due ALL Library books and fines are due.

(Each Senior MUST get Ms. Sullivan’s signature to prove they have cleared Library and Textbook accounts BEFORE obtaining graduation tickets.  Get cleared now!)



·         Senior Assembly 9:30 – Seniors meet in cafeteria at 9am in cap and gown

·         Free Senior Brunch 12:30-1:30pm after the Senior Assembly.

·         Commencement tickets will be issued to each graduating senior after payment of past-due fines/fees. Students who have paid all of their fees may pick up their graduation tickets in the Auditorium Foyer immediately after the senior brunch.  Each graduate will automatically receive 20 tickets (this is an increased number).  Students with fees remaining at this time must clear fees in the bookkeeper and pick-up tickets in the library.  Go to the Madison High School Webpage page to submit extra commencement ticket requests.



*Notification of Seniors Not Graduating



·         Mandatory Commencement Rehearsal at the Coliseum—8am

·         Commencement—Coliseum 8pm. Please arrive at the coliseum by 7pm, meet in the   Georgia Pacific Room.



All Night Grad Party- Students may register for the MAD GRAD "All Night Grad Party". Buses will begin loading at 10:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 10th, from the Coliseum, immediately after graduation. Buses will leave at10:30 p.m