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Jason Owens

The Owens Family
The Owens Family, Glacier National Park, MT
Jason Owens has been teaching choral and instrumental groups for Portland Public Schools for 15 years.  Since 2006, he has been working with and building both the instrumental and vocal program at Madison High School.  In 2008, Jason Owens was awarded The Mr. Holland's Opus Outstanding Teacher Award at a Carnegie Hall performance in New York City.


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Email: jowens2@pps.net  Phone: (503) 916-5220, ext. 79291

Class Schedule

"A" Day

 1 Madison Singers
 2 AP Music Theory
 3 Prep
 4 Symphonic Band

"B" Day

 5 Chamber Choir
 6 Drum Line
 7 Prep
 8 Wind Ensemble