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Winnie Yan

I started my teaching career as a ESL/bilingual and Science teacher at Cleveland High School in 1979, serving students of diverse ethnicity. Then, an addition of three more years of teaching experiences at Franklin High School had better equipped me to be a more adequate educator.

I have served as a Science teacher at Madison since 1990. Being a multi-lingual teacher, I can speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Toishanese. I feel that I am gifted to serve the diverse population of Madison.I hold a BS in Science from the University of Western Ontario and a Masters Degree in Biology from the University of Oregon.

 Madison High is my second home; I enjoy being here, working with the staff and students.

Contact Information

Email: wyan@pps.net

Phone: (503) 916-5220, ext. 79344

The best way to contact me is  . . .

Class Schedule

The schedule below alternates daily.  For daily time schedules and "Year at a Glance" please refer to the Madison Master Schedule.

"A" Day

 1 Prep
 3 Anatomy & Physiology
 5 Anatomy & Physiology
 7 Academy Biology

"B" Day

 2 Anatomy & Physiology
 4 Prep
 6 Academy Biology
 8 Academy Biology