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Liz Wilson

Here is a true/false game about your new Vice Principal,

Ms. Wilson.

Answers at the bottom.


1.     My Favorite color is purple.

2.     I used to be the Assistant Principal at Alameda Elementary.

3.     I loved high school.

4.     I received a scholarship to play soccer for Willamette University.

5.     I am endorsed in Physical Education.

6.     I worked in the Hillsboro School District. 

7.     I graduated from Lincoln High School in 1991.

8.     I worked as a hairdresser.

9.     I am endorsed in English as a Second Language.

10.   I have 5 older brothers, two older sisters.

11.   I have my Masters in Teaching.

12.   I eat snails.

13.   I am the oldest.

14.   I have a dog.

15.   I have 4 cats.

16.   I believe that all students can and will succeed in school and in life.

17.   I was a manager for Nike.

18.   I used to teach math.

19.   I have three children.

20.   I have run 2 marathons.


I am very excited to be at Madison High School.  The diversity of the students is my most favorite aspect of Madison. Parents are always welcome to ask me questions about anything.  I am here to serve the community of Madison and I look very much forward to meeting each one of you.


-Ms Wilson


1.      F

2.     T

3.     T

4.     T

5.     T

6.     T

7.     T

8.     F

9.     T

10.    T

11.     T

12.    F

13.    F

14.    T

15.    F

16.    T

17.    T

18.    F

19.    F

20.  T


Contact Information

The best way to contact me is by Email.

Email: lwilson3@pps.net

Phone: (503) 916-5220