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2735 NE 82nd | Portland, OR 97220
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What Madison Offers


  • Yearly review of OAKS test scores to look for students scoring at or above the 97th percentile and not already designated as TAG
  • Nomination forms available from Principal and Vice Principals
  • Review characteristics of gifted students with staff
  • Staff workshop to identify strategies that work with Betts’ six types of gifted students


TAG Programs and Services

  • Advanced Placement courses.  Optional AP International Diploma program for interested students
  • Appropriate rate and level of learning
  • Classroom Mentor Opportunities
  • Honors classes
  • Facilitate connections to college and special programs for students who have exceeded Wilson class offerings or who would like additional challenges: 



Professional Development

  • All staff professional development on: 
      • Characteristics of gifted high school students, including gifted underachievers
      • Using pre-assessments for compacting curriculum, tiered lessons, grouping strategies, depth and complexity
  • Review differentiation strategies with staff
  • Review of OAKS scores by core departments (Science, Math, English) to determine unidentified, as well as tracking scores for identified students to identify growth patterns



  • Annual TAG Parent Meeting
  • Bulletin Board in main hall for current TAG information


Current Information for Parents

  • Madison’s TAG Plan