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Lisa Adajian

Lisa Adajian has taught math and science for over 20 years, the last four here at Madison High School. This year she is teaching Algebra 1-2, Algebra 3-4, and the Garden Internship class associated with Madison's school garden.  Lisa enjoys teaching both mathematics and science because they are intimately connected to one another.  Prior to returning to high school teaching, Lisa was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Portland State University where she helped to start the Doctoral Program in Mathematics Education.  Her experience teaching future educators has greatly contributed to her understanding of how students learn mathematics.   In her classroom, students are challenged to extend their understanding of mathematical concepts by building on their current knowledge.

Contact Information

Email: ladajian@pps.net

Phone: (503) 916-5220, ext. 79336 

The best way to contact me is through email.

"A" Day

 1 Prep 
 3 Algebra Workshop
 5 Algebra 3-4
 7 AP Statistics 

"B" Day

 2  Algebra 1-2 
 4  Algebra 3-4
 6  Algebra 3-4
 8  Prep