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Sign Ups for Advanced Placement Tests are coming soon!

February 24th: Accommodation Request Deadline; paperwork must be sent to College Board by this date.  See your counselor if you need support applying for accommodations.  More information found at www.collegeboard.com/ssd.  If you already have approval from College Board to test with accommodations, please provide the documentation to Ms. O’Neill before signing up for the test.

February 13-22nd: Turn in AP test Registration forms to the Madison Bookkeeper; sign up times will be posted the week before they start.

·         Registration Forms are available from your AP teachers and counselors.

·         Fill out the sheet completely and circle the test(s) you will be taking. The sign-up sheet MUST be signed by a parent to be accepted by the bookkeeper.

·         Sign-ups must be accompanied by $89 per test UNLESS you qualify for free and reduced lunch.

·         Alternative testing days (late testing) will only be allowed for College Board approved reasons.  If you must test on an alternative testing date, please see Ms. O’Neill before signing ups begin.

·         This year’s tests will take place at the Marshall campus.  Remember, there are no refunds. 

2012 AP Exam Registration Form Click Here