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Athletic Participation Requirements


Madison High School encourages all students to to participate in athletics! To join a team, students must fulfill academic requirements and register proof of a current physical exam to be eligible. Additional forms and fees also need to be submitted to participate.


Students who fail to meet any of these 3 requirements are not eligible to participate in sports.

  • student must have passed 5 classes the previous semester.
  • student must be enrolled and passing 5 classes in the current semester.
  • student must be making satisfactory progress toward graduation by earning the minimum number of credits:(4.0 credits by the start of 10th grade, 9.5 credits by the start of 11th grade, 16 credits by the start of 12th grade)
In addition:
student must have earned the following GPA the previous quarter:
  • 2.0 with no Fs or 2.5 with one F
Students who do not meet this requirement may register but will be placed on academic probation for the current season.


Students must submit a current approved physical form to the Athletics Department prior to participating in sports. The form will be valid for 2 years, and does not need to be filled out for additional sports within the current year. Generally, students will need to complete these their Freshman and Junior years.

Students who have a valid physical on file will need to submit an Update form during the alternate year (generally Sophomore and Senior years).

Incoming freshmen: to participate in a fall sport, your physical must be completed during the summer prior to entering Madison (after June 1). If you participated in PIL Youth Athletics, please see the Athletics Secretary to see if your physical is still current to play.


Students/families must also submit the following items to participate:

  • a blue Emergency Medical Information card (available in Madison's Athletic Office)
  • an Athletic Guides and Policies form
  • pay the required fees
  • if applicable, additional forms for transfer or home-schooled students may be required