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TAG Blog

We have started a TAG Blog. This blog provides information and updates about all the TAG offerings at Llewellyn School. It is a central place where parents can find information. This will take the place of notices in the Blue Letter, and other notes going home. It is our hope that parents will check this blog to find out all things TAG. Please bookmark the link and check it often.


For current TAG families....

“Portland Public Schools focuses its services on meeting the student's instructional level and rate of learning every day in the classroom across the curriculum. Classroom teachers assess a student's level and rate in all subject areas and modify the instruction to provide appropriate content challenge and instructional pacing.”

Student’s Level – How much a student already knows about a topic or concept.

Student’s Rate – How quickly a student learns new information.

If you have a question about your child and the TAG program, please talk to your classroom teacher. They are the best resource for discussing how to best meet the needs of our TAG children.

Interested in TAG for your child...

The process of nominating children for the TAG program begins with the parent and the classroom teacher. We encourage you to discuss the subject with your classroom teacher. In order to continue with nomination, parents must get the identification forms from the school office. You will be asked to evaluate your child based on what you see at home. Fill out the parent section of the form and give to the classroom teacher. The classroom teacher will also evaluate the student and attach work samples to the identification form.

The form will be submitted to the TAG Office, and testing will be scheduled. Your child will be tested by someone from the TAG office. Results from that testing will be sent to the school within 3-4 weeks. The school will look at the testing results, work samples, and the parent/teacher evaluations and make a recommendation for each student. The TAG office will review each application and make a final decision. Families will be notified 6 weeks after testing regarding the results.


TAG Parent Liason

Whether you're familiar with the TAG program or new this year, please feel free to contact Brenda Ray Scott, Llewellyn parent and TAG Liaison, at 503-680-5196 with your questions and ideas about how to help students and teachers make this year the best ever for our TAG students.  We'd love to hear from you.