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March on in to Your Library!

Warm yourself up with a good book! Now is the perfect time to cuddle up for a family read-aloud.

About the Library

Welcome to the Llewellyn Library. Students visit the library once a week with their class. Your child will have a great year in the library.  We will share wonderful stories as they learn about authors and illustrators. We will explore how books are made and make a few of our own. We will practice how to self select ‘just-right’ books. Students learn how a library is organized and how to find the books they want. Starting in second grade, students begin using the online catalog. Older students build research skills as they use the library for classroom projects.

K-1 students check out one book at a time , and all others may get two books. If a child does not return their book(s), they may not check one out for that week. Lost or damaged books must be paid for before check-out privileges are restored.

Most importantly, students learn to be responsible and respectful library users. Your help in building these skills is essential. Please do not make it your job to return books each week, let your child take pride in this responsibility. Here are a few suggestions to help your child build good library habits:

  • Choose one place at home where library books always get put away: a special shelf, bedside table, etc.
  • Circle library day on your family calendar
  • Make a reminder sign for the door you use on the way to school
  • Put books in the backpack the night before
  • Keeps books away from pets, food, beverages, rain, etc.
  • Always take the time to share library books with your child

We are fortunate to have an amazing collection in the Llewellyn library and I appreciate your help in keeping books available for everyone. I look forward to getting to know your child and sharing hours of happy reading!

Reading Together

Make EVERY Day

 Family Reading Day!

Make a date. Arrange a special time every day. Bedtime, morning, after dinner…whatever works for your family.

Get comfortable. Find a quiet place where you can snuggle up and relax.

Choose FUN books. Follow your child’s lead on this one—what interests them? Spiders, dinosaurs, fairy tales…try all kinds of fiction and non-fiction.

Act it out. Use different voices. Use faces and gestures. Make sound effects. Get silly.

Trade places. Take turns being different characters. Beginning readers can take shorter turns if they like. Or, pre-readers can act out a part from memory.

Talk about it. Ask questions about what you read such as, “How do you think this story will end?” or “What was your favorite part of the story? Why?”  Don’t make it a test…let the story lead naturally to conversation.

Read it again…and again…and again. Be willing to read a favorite story many times. Play with the story-improvise new endings, new dialogue, imagine a sequel.

Read aloud or silently. It’s always fun to read aloud to one another. Or, just enjoy time spent together as everyone reads on their own. Try a family DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time.

Choose a 'Just Right' Book

Think About...

  • An interesting topic
  • A favorite author
  • A favorite series
  • Something new to try
  • Read the front cover and the blurb on the back
  • How long is the book?
  • Look at the print size
  • Look at the pictures
  • What genre is the book?
Try it...
  • Read a page or two
  • Use the "5 Finger Rule"
  • Close the book and remember what you just read
  •  Does it grab you?
  • Too easy? Too hard?
  • Just Right!!!

Book Club News

Llewellyn Book Club is for 4th and 5th graders who love to read! We meet once a month with Brianne Williams, Youth Librarian at the Sellwood Library and myself. So far this year we have read Ice Dogs by Terry Lynn Johnson, an exciting survival adventure in the Alaskan wilderness; El Deafo by Cece Bell, an autobiographical graphic novel about growing up, friendship, and being hearing impaired. Our current selection is Our Only May Amelia by Jennifer Holm, a funny and gripping historical fiction novel about Finnish pioneers in southwestern Washington.

Other Resources

Portland Public Schools online library catalog is called "Stacks Online". You can access it here: http://library.pps.k12.or.us. Scroll down the list of schools and select Llewellyn. You can now search for availability of books in our library. Students can also check their own records and renew books. Click on 'login' at the top right corner of the page; enter name and six digit student number. Students will see what books they have checked out and when they are due.

Multnomah County Library: http://www.multcolib.org

Mrs. McDonald's Favorite Sites-All about books and more!: http://guest.portaportal.com/mrsmcdonald