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What's Happening

A Webpage Revisited!!!!

Ms. Carr

As of February, she is working in class M-W. Her solo begins after spring break.


We are in the middle third of Touching Spirit Bear. This section of the novel is where Cole really Pinpoints a Plan with the help of his newly formed Tribe (Garvey, Edwin and surprisingly, his mother). The students are convinced that the Spirit Bear is also a part of his Tribe, but it's hard to say that it is active is helping to Train Cole. Coinciding with this novel study, students are writing a summary & analysis to show what they've learned.

Social Studies

Students are studying the American colonies and the jobs that people did to keep them functioning. One "job" that is also discussed is that of slavery. There is no denying that it's imprint was stamped on every colony and none would have been as successful without the forced assistance of stolen Africans. Students will give speeches on Thursday and Friday and this will be the final part of their grade.


Unit 6 - Supplements

We are starting multiplication of decimals and will actually see this is models. Multiplying fractions will be given the same treatment in the near future. The beauty of using models for this unit is that students get to see what really happens when they multiply a portion by another portion.