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What's Happening

Pinpoint Your Plan

This is the current step of our theme and its focus is on setting GOALS and reaching them. The GOALS were set at our October conferences, but they've been "hibernating" since that meeting. Fortunately, I kept them safe and have placed them onto each student's desk. Beginning next week, we will start crafting Goals essays which will be followed by Goals speeches at the beginning on the New Year.


We just finished Leonardo's Horse, a selection within Reading Street. We will compare Leonardo's story to our yearlong theme, in the sense that we will see how he set a goal and worked towards it. 

On Wednesday, we will begin our last novel study in 2015: Sign of the Beaver. This will be an Analysis on how the main character, Matt, has to set LIFESKILL GOALS in order to learn to survive in the "new world" of Maine.

Social Studies

Students are studying the first explorers of North America. Students will write a "proposal" that explains who he or she would like to join on an expedition. The next important detail centers on why they want to go on this expedition. Last, they will explain the dangers they know they will face. 

The 2nd part of this project is writing a "log" as if he or she actually went on the expedition. Dates will be either real or fictionalized, and each entry should be somewhat factual but can include some imaginary details too. The last piece will be to "pinpoint" the approximate latitude and longitude for several of their entries.


Unit 4 - Division Leading Into Fractions

We have been working with division for the last 2 weeks, specifically employing multiplication menus to estimate and solve problems.

The first part of fractions will be how equivalents are formed out of division.